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Ancaster Hall

Hi, Just wondering if any of you are in Ancaster Hall or if anyone went for a look round it on the open days.


Rachael xxx
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are you in ancester hall?
make a post in the Nottingham 2005 Accomodation thread.. theres a list of other ancestarians.. :smile:
(and no, im from bonington hall.. far away from you UP lot)
Students on campus, Nottingham University
University of Nottingham
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Yeh i am in Ancaster Hall as well - it is the newest, and most modern looking, hall on campus and looks in the best condition. I didn't get to look inside but yeh it is a nice Hall, near the gym as well :smile:...but furthest away from all the main departements.
Yep im in Ancaster hall as well, went to see the uni park campus for the first time last sunday and they look pretty good compared to the rest, altho i was only able to look inside the rooms through the windows, and the ones in the newer blocks looked nice.
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I'm also in Ancaster.Only realised just how much it costs to stay in an En-Suite room there(is £4,300 normal?)
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The price of the rooms is the same all over the campus. My friend is going to be in Ancaster, xXxFreyaxXx from ns if any of you post on the notts forum there. She's cool. xx
I'll be in Ancaster Hall, too! I didn't have a chance to go there, but the pictures on BBC's website look really great!
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Hi, i got my room number but I dont understand it, does anyone know how they work
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I was in B1.17 last year - thats block B, 1st floor, room 17! Ancaster is wikkid you'll have a great year :smile:
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my friend has just done his 1st year at notts, and he was in ancaster, all he can do is rave about it! i am in cripps (which i hear is better..cos its the best haha) but i hear really really good things about ancaster.....

to the poster above, do u know rob golin? xx
is he a bit ginger? If so we called him ginger rob, and yep i know him!
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hahah yeah he is, he's a TOTAL legend!! so so funny. ah thats great, hes a good friend of mine from home and has promised 2 show me all the hot spots once its all settled down. im katie by the way, nice to meet you :cool:
Yeah he is a bit of a laugh! A girl im living with next year used to gatecrash their nights out coz shes not a mainstream clubbing person unless shes totally off her face... and then its always me on sick duty :frown: A drawback of being a medic! I'm Cathy, he'll probs know me, but you know men theyre useless at names!