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They make you do an interview?! That's unfortunate, I was just told I was Deputy Head and that was that, I don't think I could stomach an interview xD

Q: "there are Year 11s misbehaving in the corridor. How do you deal with the situation?"

A: In reality I'd ignore it and move on, maybe tell them to STFU if it was particularly bad or if there were visitors around...But an interview answer would probably be attempt to stop them messing about and then inform a teacher; or report it to a teacher immediately.

Q: "What qualities do you think a good head boy should possess?"

A: Integrity, enthusiasm, humour, respect for others, the list really can go on. Basically, the idea of a Head and deputies is to act as a bridge between teachers and students, so communication skills are vital; but more importantly you have to be respected by others, you have to make people listen to your voice or to pass on a request or whatever.

Any other tips? Na, just generic interview tips like be yourself and all that....

Best of luck, PM me if you want/need anything else.
im doing my interview can you help me with the question who is your role model? thanks!

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