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    Man is given free will but everything that happens is the will of Allah. And this is my firm beleif.
    That's a paradox. Either the will is of God...or it is of the person, if it is of God then the person cannot be said to have free will, if it is the person' will then god is no longer Omniscient/Omnipotent.

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    As wild as psycology is - this topic couldn't be farther from Psycology - "Bit of mysticism 4 ya...
    i find it funny how my A2 psychology book includes a chapter on Free Will Vs Determinism though.... :rolleyes:

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    • Social level - Free will can exist, but whether the individual exercises it depends partly on social circumstances and partly on the individual's willpower.
    • Historical level - Free will might exist, but its effects could depend largely on 'historical forces' that are beyond one's control.
    • Psychological level - Free will exists for those who are able to exercise it and to overcome their emotions and base desires.
    • Theological level - The existence of free will is a question of belief and faith.
    • Physical level - It is not clear that the universe is determined, but it is also unclear whether a coherent notion of free will can be added to our scientific picture of the world.
    above is basically a summary of numerous ways of thinking about this topic.

    As a keen social psychology student i tend to agree with a socioeconimic view, and to argue that are actions are not determined simply because we are in control with our lives, we can choose what job to apply for, what course to take, etc. However, psychological problems can occur when thinking of 'control'. For example, one may not believe themselves to be in total control (learned helplessness) of their lives, and to therefore consider everything as predetermined, 'i was meant to fail', would be a 'predetermined' way of thinking.
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