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Has anyone got any ideas of how to word a German PS to suggest that i can do better than my reference will suggest that i can do, i got a C at AS and am desperate to do German at uni, but due to the fact the german teacher that liked me got made redunant and the other one isnt too keen on me and probs wont predict me a B, which i need. The reason i think i can do better is that i was on strong antibiotics in the German AS exams which affected my concentration but my teacher wont acknowlege this. ANy advice?
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You could maybe talk to your exams officer about the antibiotics affecting your performance in AS exams and see what she suggests. Did you do any German coursework or anything that you could sort of flag up and say 'Look, I got really good marks in this!'? Otherwise, I think your best bet would be to try and persuade your teacher to predict you that B, reminding her of the antibiotic thing (what were they for, incidentally? Might you argue that you were ill during the exam period? Again, your exams officer should be able to advise you on this), and write a PS highlighting your interest in and enthusiasm for German language and culture, and maybe saying something like "despite being ill during AS exams, I still..." (though I'm not sure about that). And good luck with the German.
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Is it definitely your German teacher who will write your reference, not a form tutor or senior staff? How about getting a doctor's note to attach to your application so you have an expert confirming that it's not your fault?
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