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is it worth joining galenicals for 40 quid? Im pretty sure im gona, just wondered what sorta stuff they organised....apart from the 50 quid a head ball :O

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yeh, you pretty much ought to join otherwise technically you can't go to any medic events, be in any medics teams, or even go to the medics bar. it is a bit steep but i reckon you'd have a naff time without it.
Inside University of Bristol
University of Bristol
i dont think it is steep only 8 quid a yr! just wonderin wat sort of events they do
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I've sent off my money already. But it doesnt really detail in the booklet what sorta things they organise! which is a bit silly!
yea its just like u was expeced to pay even if u dont wana really lol
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yeh i know what you mean they don't really tell you do they. fear not though, here's what you're looking for:
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I'm gonna be joining must send the form off. i really wanna be in the galencials sports team even though i'm rubbish and sooo unfit gotta give it a go!.
Anyone else thinkin of joining a galencials sports team?
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Yeah i am! i havnt done any sport for a while! but i think it will be a laugh!
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yey! i'll have a team mate (if we pick the same sport). really wanna galencials hoodie too lol!
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haha i want a hoodie too... and yeah i'll be doing the sports as well!
me too! i saw people wearing them when i went for my interview! very fetching!
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Medics Hockey is fab! woohoo.

pm me for the website link
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i'm rubbish at hockey i just get the urge to kick the ball with my foot sod the stick!
But mixed teams wahey!!
I'd like to join a team, but i am so unbelieviby unfit..and awful at sports that maybe i should give that one a miss. Does anyone know when the cut off date is for sending the form back?
hockey wud be good, but iv neevr really played it., do u ata av played b4 to be on a team?
i don't know. lets hope not...because i don't mind hockey..although ive played it only a few times, am completely rubbish at it, and have no idea of the rules....
same ere :biggrin: if not we can start our own team hehe
yes!!! we should. Although if none of us know the rules could be a bit interesting...
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hockey wud be good, but iv neevr really played it., do u ata av played b4 to be on a team?

u don't have to have played before which is good for people like me, not like the stupid bristol teams u've got to have played for your county crap! im remotley interested now in going for hockey, or maybe even netball (which i am in fact awful at as i can't catch/throw a ball), but i can't find my info book. Do we have to apply in advanced for a team, or can we do it when we get there?