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What is Pine Therapy???

anyone know?
You get hit with pine tree branches to cleanse the soul. At least that's what I heard...
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it's at a hospital...
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it's at a hospital...
What hospital?
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What hospital?

Do you mean the Pine Therapy Unit? I think it's a Thereapy Unit that is called Pine.

I might be wrong though.
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Google keeps throwing up references to Clozapine, which is used for treating severe schizophrenia.

I dunno if this is any use to you. I've never heard of Pine Therapy though.

^ I got the Pine Therapy Unit too but that's in Dartford.
Its a sort of treatment they do before chemo my mum had it yesterday its sort of like prepping the body before the chemo but its only for some sort of cancers like lung cancers some types of cancers don't need pine therapy before the chemo therapy.