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I have a meeting with my guidence counsler in my school. I'm not sure how the UK high schools work, please excuse my ignorance on the subject, nevertheless in my school they have you talk about all your future plans with a counsler while you plan the remainding years of your high school and help you determine your college (if you do now know where to attend). My counsler knows I want to go to the UK to study, though I have no informed him of any colleges / uni in specifics. He knows that I wish to go to the UK to study in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences (specifaclly psycology). Though, since I am in my Junior year he will want me to have a definate plan on what college / what area of UK I expect to study in yadda yadda yadda. Could anybody give any recomendations for decent - good UK schools for psych? One again, sorry for my ignorance on this subject, I still have a lot to learn :-P. Thank you all in advance.
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In the UK we go to high school up to 16 and do GCSEs then either go to sixth form college or school and do A levels, unitl 18, then go to university.

As for physcology i know its very competative at most places but as ur international and have to pay more than we do u are almost certain of gettin in anywhere if you're reasnoably clever.

Heres a list of the top few unis for psycology,00.html but any university
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