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Durdham hall

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uve got ur tennis hoes outfit sorted! i haev nothin suitable 4 that!
is there an alternative 2 wearin a short white skirt?!
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University of Bristol
erm a tennis dress, look on ebay there under a fiver
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Just moved into Durdham today (I’m allowed in earlier because I am a returner) and am in Flat 36, if you are put in flat 36 when you arrive look out for me on arrivals day directing people to there rooms
:O your so lucky i wana move in today! gota wait till saturday :frown: whats durdham like?
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At the moment Durdhams 2 quiet as theres only the staff and a few others around (on my own in the flat at the moment :frown: . As for whats it like thats easy really really nice, i wouldnt have stayed if it wasnt. I would describe it to you but its probablly easier waiting untill you get here.

BTW if you havent guessed Resnet is up and running
wooo does that mean it will be workin ok when i get there, providing i paidd? i did send a cheque but no money has gone as of yet
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ooo I wanna be there and I want to know what flat I'm in!!
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everyone can use resnet regardless of whether they have paid or not during the first few days so doesnt matter about the check being cashed (i dont think mine has been cashed yet). As for will it be running when you arrive i am not sure as last year they shut it down the day before arivals day and thn turned it on when they said it would be turned on.