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(Original post by neildm)
Does PM mean personal message? And does one have to ask permission before one can PM someone?? If so, I may have unknowingly offended a few people..

I think research will definitely let you learn more, see that it isn't market research or anything though. About grades, it isn't as competitive as I thought. I got 4 As in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Economics and a B in Gen Studs, boo-hoo. But the two other students in my company got ABC and ABB at A-level. Before you attend an interview try and find out exactly what the job description is, again, PUSH for the kind of job you want. Ya, you may PM me and ask for more info.
I wouldn't suggest telephone interviews though. Any reason?
Hmm I was just being polite so I asked for permission... normally you don't need to.

I am a British citizen but I am Chinese and living in Hong Kong, so they can't interview me in the UK.
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