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Let a doctor look at it. STD don't normally come out as rashes, but I mean how is anybody supposed to diagnose what it is, when they can't see it!
Does it itch? Are there splochy areas? More sort of dots? Little white heads on red dots? Scaly parts? Do you have a temperature...? All that kind of stuff is important and of course a "real-life" look.
How come you are scared of a STD? Didn't you take care?
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I did take care but I dont know what she got up to for the past two months and what she might of picked up, do you think it might be caused by some sort of friction? It is more dotty and a bit scaly and peels off a bit :confused:
edit: and its slightly darker and feels rough but doesn't hurt at all.
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Have you changed your laundry detergent recently?
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It's probably just a sweat rash.
talk 2 ur gf/ bf abt what theyve bin up 2
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Quite honestly skin is rather difficult. I could be nearly anything from an allergy to a sweat rash, due to friction, or an infection of some kind. Watch it for 1-2 days, don't use soap, just water, keep it nice and dry.
I also think you should talk to your girlfriend and go and show it to your GP. There is no need to be embarrassed, they see that kind of thing every day. You mustn't mention your fears of a STD if that embarrasses you too much, the GP will ask anyway if he/she thinks that might be the reason for the rash.
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ok thanks :smile:
ramroff, you'll live!
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well im not dead yet so heres hoping :biggrin: