Clitoral pain after sex? Watch

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I recently lost my virginity and the following couple days were fine (I've only had sex that one time) but I've been getting.. pain (?) and tenderness in my clitoris ever since.
I don't think I have a UTI or thrush etc because it isn't painful to wee or when I masturbate (sorry!), it doesn't hurt at all. Just my clitoris itself is tender and possibly swollen slightly..

Any got any ideas about what this could be? Should I be worrying?
I don't want to go to the Dr since that would lead to having to tell my mum about having sex..

Would a family planning clinic (one which tests for STI's) be able to test for something or know something's wrong?

Oh by the way, I don't have an STI/STD (: We used protection (Y)

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I get this sometimes, I think I'm just turned on randomly because that's what happens when you are; it increases in size and is more sensitive!

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