Physics Coursework - Radiators in Water Cooling

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I am starting my A2 coursework for physics this week and I'm having trouble deciding exactly what to do.

The title on this post - Radiators in Water Cooling - narrows it down and I want to it on this for two reasons:

1. We have to have a good reason for doing it(rationale).
2. The only thing I could think of was water cooling in PCs.

I have the facilities to measure the temp of water going in and coming out of a small radiator, and the ability to measure the rate of flow of the water.

To get a decent mark I need to use log graphs to determine a relationship between the dependent and independent variable, that satisfies the equation:

p = kq^l

p is the dependent variable which changes as q changes
k is a constant of proportionality and
l is another constant

I really have two questions:

Should I use specific heat capacity equations to calculate energy transferred?
I need to broaden the experiment and my teacher suggested reading up newtons law of cooling, forced cooling and natural cooling. s.h.c. is AS physics so I could really go for some help on how to incorporate any of this?
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