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    Right this is quite a long and confusing situation so bare with me.
    Ok so on another popular forum about 1 and a half years ago got this girls msn addy (she asked for mine to discuss something),thought she was cute didn't say anything though .

    Talking for a few weeks her almost always initiating conversation thought it was just friendly untill she started sayig flirty things,however me being me still thought oh well just in a jokey way.

    A bit of time later her twin tells me she actually really liked me (I was really bemused at this point as i didn't think that was possible lol and yes no threesome ideas please) and kindof made me ask her out (yes we were young ha ),course we hadn't met by this point i'd seen her on webcam though etc and she lived about an hour away from me. But she was really nice texting me everyday,always talked etc.

    Things got in the way and we didn't meet untill about 2 months later. Me being my spotty,ugly self especially at the time thought as soon as i met her she was going to immediatly go off me considering how hot she was lool.
    SO we met with friends (both of us) went to the cinema etc both being shy as hell as didn't think i was good enough,playfighting in the cinema but after that kept as much a distance as possible. (I actually think we both thought that the other didn't like her/me as we were being so distant and quiet to each other refusing to hug when our mates and her twin asked them to etc lol) So this went on the entire day just fun really,then at the end of the day when i went home hugged for about 10 seconds flat.. (course i still didn't think anything of it)
    Went home we were both arguing with each other she stating that she liked my mate more than me and saying "whatever" to most things i said,i thought yep she hates me.
    Next week-same,untill i tried fliriting with her one more time then to my suprise she responded so it all started again and a couple of weeks later we both admitted our feelings for each other (without the aid of her twin this time ),it was all going so good even better than before we met except for one thing i kept getting too nervous to ask to see each other aagain and when i actually did she got grounded or was busy that day so months passed,could gradually see she was getting less and less interested in me which is understandable really considering i didn't see her and how she was making more effor.

    Ill skip foward to this year when she told me she wanted to be mates etc i was sad about it but i could deal with it and i tried to be as nice to her as possible and our relationship was strong again.
    Recently however it's got really weird,she got pissed off at me when i was joking about however blocked me on msn etc,i tried texting her (only a few times) and she either didn't respond or made excuses not to tb and this went on for like 3 weeks.
    She unblocked me just before she went on holidy but there were still some things for example she puts a single kiss when she says bye to her friends and 2 to the people she's closest to,she doesn't give me either,i ask and she says "I CBF" which isn't like her she's normally really friendly part of the reason i like her so much for giving me a chance and just being there for me and whenever i asked if i coud meet her ( i have the car now so its easier) she kept making excuses not to,im hoping to after she's been on holiday though with her twin etc who i have also asked and has no clue.
    The thing is while i really love her and care for her i could deal with being close mates but these situations have got me worried it's strange why she's suddenly being like this. Have to admit before this there were some things she asked such as "so hows love life then" out of the blue that she asked that made me wonder and how she told my friend how much she loved him when i was pissed once just came back after a party in a group convo with me "as a joke" which makes me thing.
    So if anyone has any opinions on the matter if you can offer any advice then that will be appreciated as i'm really confused about it al . Like i said if i actually get to meet her after i think i'm more confident now or can atleast appear more confident in front of her but its the actually getting her to thats the difficult part.

    So sorry guys for the realllllyy long story but oh well what H+R for i guess .
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