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I have been thinking about the quality of my life lately...To cut the story short i feel that i have been (and continue to be) too serious. By this i mean that i think i have been working to hard, so much that i have rarely been enjoying my life. (22 years of age by the way)

I invest a lot of my time seeking opportunities, studying, networking in preparation for my career. When i look at others they seem to be floating on 'cloud 9' all the time. Academically i excel...socially i can manage. Don't get me wrong here...i can socialise...after talking to people for the first time they genuinely say that i am a really nice person, and they would like to get to know more about me. The problem is that random socialisation is 'not on my list' tend not. I sometimes wish that i had more than a handful of friends though...i wish i had hundreds of friends (social support)!

I am beginning to find my situation frustrating...i just can't seem to bond and float on 'cloud nine' like others because i am too worked up about my future (mainly due to the current competitive market)!

Anybody felt this before?...anybody feeling this right now? Is this signs of a 'social phobia'?...sighs...

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