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How long have you had it? Does it feel exactly like a spot, or are there differences?
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How long have you had it? Does it feel exactly like a spot, or are there differences?

It's really lumpy but about double the size of this O, about a week

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Hmm. I've no idea. It could be a whole world of things. Maybe get someone you know to take a look, see what they think. Obviously unless they're in the medical profession, they probably won't know, but still. Might reassure you, or something. Is it visable or can you just feel it?
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I get them. They hurt more than a spot, and you can't squeeze them. Well, iyou have the same as what I'm on about... They go really red, then go away. My mum just always called them "blindspots"..
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yeah if it hurts it's probably just a spotty type thing that has no proper head - i get them and if you work at them and pick your moment carefully you can squeeze them - and when you do it's truly bilbical
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I have one of those, but it doesn't hurt. Its more like deposit of tissue under the first layer of skin. If I prod it, it gets larger but never hurts. Its not a spot or anything, and is invisible.

The doctor said it was just tissue and wasn't malignant. But if you have one of these go get it checked out, just in case.
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Well, it doesn't hurt what so ever except if I do actually try to squeeze it

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Sounds to me like a spot. Just a deep one, I've had them a coupla times, remember that a spot is just infection and the white puss is your body fighting against it, its jsut a rather large 'nasty' something has worked deep into the skin and its taking a lot of fighting from your body to get rid of it. Its probably safest to leave it, it will either disappear slowly or work its way to the surface, at which point you can do whatever you might normally do with regular spots. However it can be quite painful.

I had a nice spot like this on my nose once and i get so pissed off because it was so conspicious and painful i just squeezed really raelly really hard (this is soo nice :P) and my god there was so much puss, very cartoony in a way. and I basically hada flap of skin over my nose, so defiantly wait and let it do its stuff.
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ew. really graphic description there.
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I get things like that, not quite as big, in my ear lobes (so I've never got my ears pierced just cos I thought they might get in the way). My mum thinks it's like a little cyst thingy, and she has burst one of mine before using a sterile needle as it was a largish one that was causing me quite a bit of pain and close to the surface but not forming a head. Went with quite a psup (kinda sounded like that, you'll prob know what I mean)
ew. really graphic description there.

maybe ishould hvae given a warning, no you are right it was a pretty gruesome day.
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Yeah it'll be a spot, but don't squeeze it, cos it'll get bigger! Just put some stuff on it and itll come to the surface after a while...Ah the trials of adolesence! :frown:
maybe its a cyst, i got one on the inside of my lip about the size of a small pea and the doctor said that all it was that one of the saliva glands had got blocked up and spit had collected (hence the small pea size). anyways it wasnt harmful or anything and he said that it would burst by it self within a took just over a year
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Just wondering if any one else has had one of these or is it some thing that only I have

I have this small lump on my cheek (not the cheek bone) which feels like a small pea, something like a big spot, but it's under the skin

Go to the doctor. Its probably nothing but I has almost exactly the same symptoms as you and it turned out to be a cyst which had to be surgically removed. The doctor said that if it had burst the scarring would have been pretty bad with the chance of regrowth! Now all I have is a very small scar on my cheek which you only notice if I forget to rub in cream blusher properly.