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Dad just came home from work today and told me about one of his workmates who currently has a brain tumour. As you can imagine, it is quite a stressful thing to be going through. My dad mentioned to him that hypnotherapy might be one way of trying to resolve his psychological problems he is going through. Apparently he is quite emotional and upset after his treatment (as you can imagine).

Anyway, what I am basically trying to say is, has anyone had any experience of hypnotherapy? Did it ever help you with any problems you might have had? Do you think it would be helpful, as he has tried councelling but apparently that did not work. I was thinking of something that would go to the heart of the psychological problem... so would it be worth a try?

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You can't hypnotise brain tumours away, so it wouldn't get to the heart of the problem, which is the brain tumour itself, it would only possibly alleviate the stress of the problem.
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The heart of the problem was the psychological upset. He has had treatment for the tumour as I said above. (Of course I know you can't hypnotise them away)

Anyone know whether hypnotherapy helps with the councelling side of things?
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hypnotherapy can be, if the person is receptive enough, a tremendous aid for psychological trauma
I've had hypnotherapy suggested to me by my GP but I don't like the idea of it, but that's just me personally. If your dad's workmate is, like flyingisis said, receptive enough, then why doesn't he give it a go?
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Yea. I was hoping to get some opinions for my dads mate before he thinks about doing it because he personally does not know anyone who has been hypnotised.

Im just wondering whether it will work, or help him with the stress he is going through at the moment... Has it been known to be effective against these situations?
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Ive been hypnotised, but not for therapy if that makes a difference. Only works on some people though, as mentioned above, so he has to be receptive, but I think with this much stress, he would be receptive since he wants to be. Paul Mckenna has that show on sky one or something where he goes round providing hypnotherapy to people to help overcome their problems, and althought Ive only seen 2 episodes, it seemed to work.
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I've had hypnotherapy by two hypnotherapists (several times) -one on the NHS, one not and neither worked, infact i think it wasn't good for me really, but i have completely different problems to your Dad's firend and i know it's helped loads of others so i say try it because i don't think it will harm him and it mite make him feel better. It's essential he can be relaxed and open minded to the suggestions that the hypnotherapist talks about while you're 'under' - my problem, just caused me anxiety and i was closed off to the things he said