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I keep on hoping!

But if it goes away... I MIGHT do some work..:s-smilie:
Chemistry Research, Durham University
Durham University
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yeah me too....

:wink: hard, isn't it.

And here comes the summerSHINEEEE!
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OMG, my schools Combined Cadet Force are doing some random exercise with blanks and it sounds like we're being invaded:eek:
Coupled with the sight of several people running around in fatigues and you could be mistaken for thinking I'm currently located in Iraq, only with slightly fewer bombs and more cricket.
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got another hour or so in before mr sunshine went in :smile:

loves it
did anyone else hear thunder or am i going bonkers?
A storm is brewing.
Reply 2967
thats the general consensus
*Is glad he is not going bonkers*
Reply 2969
A storm is raining.
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shiney shiney shinEY

shiney shiney shinEY

got mah sixth!
That's awesome, nice one Alex... you are just more of a whore than I'll ever be:frown:
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Nah I won the rep in the rebuses thread :biggrin:
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look in chat
Blegh, chat!

Filthy chat.

In other, horrific news. I heard someone discussing banter lessons yesterday.
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elaborate please
Well apparently some guy didnt have good enough banter, and always lost banter... so he was recommended to take up someone elses lessons in bantering - so he would have better banter.

I wish I had killed them then, but it wasnt the right time...
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It's never the right time for banter. Or lambwater related chat.
You what?