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Plumes of smoke? *looks out of window*

*also looks out of window*

*can't quite see from 20 miles away*

Chemistry Research, Durham University
Durham University
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Have any of you nice people got some spare rep going? People keep neg repping me. It's not fair, I'm only pointing out other peoples' idiocy. :frown:
know what you mean fields, apparently you are not allowed to tell someone they are being stupid without the inevitable neggage. But then, in all fairness I only lost 2 points, neither here nor there is it
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Thank you to Itchyscratchy and the other lovely person that helped satisfy my repwhoring needs :biggrin:
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I tell everyone that they're stupid, sadly this means I use up my rep negging people all the time.
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Twas me :biggrin:
There's a gem for you fields!
Gems are good but shiny gems are better. I used to have one of them, but then it went away....... :frown:
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Becca, I passed you on Kingsgate today but you ignored me :frown:

You were with your boyfriend (I presume, since you were holding hands), so maybe you just didn't see me! I mean I know I smell but... :rolleyes:

I was in Mildert Bar last night! Just so Ali can stop saying I should come up to Mildert. It was very busy, but I had space and time for a pint of Black Sheep.:biggrin:

But I was quite surprised by the ales in Grey, get down there now beer drinkers. Castle Eden, Copper Dragon's Golden Pippin and Cameron's Strongarm Ruby Red.

It was a shame I was on a hill bar crawl and only had time for a half in Grey but if I have time before the end of term I'll be back there.

I think I may have seen Rob, or someone that looked very much like him in Mildert.

I also chatted to Oli outside the Gala waiting for the nightbus, we always seem to chat on Claypath!
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When I was in Grey on my birthday, both their beers tasted off :frown:
real ale is rank. fact.
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You'd be proud Ali, we had a mini brewery set-up for Cuth's day... drink 10 ales and get a free t-shirt!
I was in Grey, Collingwood, Mary's 24 and Bar 19 last night ont fresher rep bar crawl. I was dressed as a raven, too.
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i just sent our my first group summer email

im so sad
real ale is rank. fact.

:p: Opinion.
Chin up Alex, more wonderful times to come my friend.

And if it gets THAT bad, mosey down and meetup with friends... go wild. It's summer!

Hope your job is going alright too x
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Not fact, wrong.
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Real ale comes in such pretty bottles, the sort you wouldn't begrudge getting a little message within.
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my laptop got repaired and came back!