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Durham General Chat Thread

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booooyeah! I'm back! ^__^

How was it? :smile:
Chemistry Research, Durham University
Durham University
I am back in durham. Its sooo dead.....

Walked into town yesterday and saw 4 people on the way and back. Its like a ghost town. Spooky

I've been here all summer...compared to last week it's heaving now!
St Cuths is awesome and has a wonderful bar *hic*
oh, but the library's a tad small.

I also saw some of the dorms. The kitchens are HUGE! 0_0
Hey just thought I'd pop in to say goodbye because this will be the last time I'm on here now before uni...*shock horror I've lived on here all summer*

So good luck everyone!Hopefully might see some of you there.

I'm so unbelievably nervous:frown:About everything:frown:But it will be amazing I'm sure.

Bye bye



By the way,I'll give rep to the first fresher who gets on here when term starts.Ha.
Good luck CC!

Are you a fresher? What college? ^_^
Thanks.Yes I'm a fresher.Collingwood.
Good luck to all freshers!

Time to pack up the lappy and kiss goodbye to the 'net for a while.
Hell,I'm actually going to change my location info while I'm here too.

Edit:My god that looks weird.
What campus are you guys based at?
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They're all at Durham city. And the library isn't that small, jus the sucky law one.
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Your best bet is to look back a few pages, quite a few threads on this already - different factors to think about i.e. ensuite or not, catered or not, etc.
he also said something about St Chads or something being gay?


Is there any logic behind it?
It was a very camp college the year I lived there...but then again the social exec guy was gay.
Hey awesome people.. just making banners for the freshlets, OURS ARE EPIC. So shouldve gone to Collingwood.

It seemed the best way to sort myself out after a horrific night at Klute last night, which was lovely till I got home... woke up late for my frep meeting... threw up 3 separate times and then eventually ate and drank something that stayed down.

I have also recently discovered my fresher son (one of them) is actually a girl. So me starting my letter 'Hey Son' is going to have gone down terribly well I'm sure.

OH MY GOD, what have I done!?

Hope you are all well and sparkling, I look forward to bumping into you all randomly. Possibly at walkabooot on Monday.

Take it easy x
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Good luck explaining that one Robbie :p:
It was a very camp college the year I lived there...but then again the social exec guy was gay.

A camp college? XD

The plot thickens.
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Studio tonight everyoooooooone :biggrin:

Cuth's balloon arches were by far the best!

And Dan, I spoke to a girl (rep) from Butler yesterday. 'parently you guys have families.. but I could maybe still adopt you as honourary second dad:biggrin: - since my daughter probably hates me now! Though she did talk to me today, which was okay... but I need more kids. Im obsessed with fatherhood...

Is that actually a real illness - being unable to stop having kids??