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Reply 440
All animals suck. Except obviously the axolotls.
Chemistry Research, Durham University
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Hyak hyak hyak.... :smile: :biggrin:

Animals ARE evil!
Reply 443
Someone needs to start a caption competition thread :rolleyes:
*agrees* all about dogs :biggrin:
Reply 445

"Every single animal on the planet would turn against man and kill him if they had the chance."

that is what mum says when i refuse to eat fish cos i said i could imagine them swimming in the sea all nice and fishy!
lol that's a weird thing to say :confused: Are you veggie? Or is it just fish?
Reply 447
it was just seafood in general when i was younger but now its crabs, shellfish, lobster.

iv come to accept prawns and fish - i think thats a big achievement!
Kool, I don't like seafood anyway... Well I like fish, but not crab and lobster and shellfish, mussels and squid and things like that :biggrin:

But it is weird how when you get lobster you get like, a lobster...
Reply 449
ditto omg the thought of squid actually scares me!
lol I used to like it but suddenly went off it... Its all wriggly and horrible ick... *moving swiftly on* I went out for a posh meal tonight :smile: I had lamb and it was yummy!

I've just read about your karate too, are you going to do it in Durham?
Reply 451
hmmmm dno :frown:
I'm so much lazier now than I was then, and would much rather be doing nothing :rolleyes:
Reply 453
Octopuses and Squid are freaky. They scare me.
:afraid: I think they scare everyone
Reply 455
I ate squid rings once in spain,thinking they were onion rings :redface: ....they were ok, very rubbery tho! :rolleyes:
Reply 456
eww tell me about it. the texture is the worse!
Eew... just the thought... I had to sit and watch someone eat king prawns tonight... Ick!!!
Reply 458
Prawns are manky.
Reply 459
Prawns are manky.

Prawns are yummy!