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In other news; canvassing is HARD work :frown:

What are you canvassing for?
Chemistry Research, Durham University
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Judith - you should know by now, rowing chat is inevitable in every situation!

Not if you can skilfully avoid it by talking about more interesting subjects!

Incidentally, how was Seth, you haven't told me yet and I'm waiting to hear how my fellow Devonian got on.:smile:
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Shush it's "General Chat"....Rowing comes under that heading so ner :p:

Anyway, at least I'm covering the rowing chat with other stuff more "general" as well, not just focusing on the rowing :wink:
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What are you canvassing for?

JCR Secretary - hustings on Thursday - very scary!
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we've only had one person for every position so far (except social sec. where there were two) and now when it comes to the one I'm running for, there's three :frown:
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we've only had one person for every position so far (except social sec. where there were two) and now when it comes to the one I'm running for, there's three :frown:

Yep! Same as happened to me. Not only that, but the only guy running for Livers Out Officer is clearly incompetent and his hust showed he had no idea what he was talking about, so I wish I'd stood for that now. And Matt (Senior DSU Rep) started telling me last night that people had asked him during the husts for Senior DSU Rep why I hadn't stood for the position. :frown:
Seth Lakeman was BRILLIANT - seriously amazing. So energetic... He broke half the hairs on his bow. Oh, so so so so good.

Yeah, rowing... :p: I'm bizarrely awake after my first 6.30am outing. I reckon I'll feel it later though, I kept waking up every hour through the night, subconsciously worrying I'd miss it I think. Ugh.
Seth Lakeman was BRILLIANT - seriously amazing. So energetic... He broke half the hairs on his bow. Oh, so so so so good.

:smile: Glad to hear that he gave an excellent show!

He's the only artist I know to ever tour Libya, but obviously what I want now is a Spanish Seth Lakeman tour.:wink:
What's the word limit?
And 2000 words in a day is really good going! You're right not to push it, otherwise you'll just lose all motivation.
And why do you hate your name?

2500.I will finish today,though it looks like I'm going to have to majorly cut down as I still have huge amounts to say,grr.Then I have only two 3000 word summatives to go.My life is so fun.

I just don't like my's meh, and no one can ever spell it!Hmph"!
It is a remarkable fact that virtually every major philosophical movement of the 20th Century - existentialism, Marxism, pragmatism, phenomenology and analytical philosophy - grew out of reaction to Hegel. Fact.
JCR Secretary - hustings on Thursday - very scary!

Ooh good luck!
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I'm bored and I want chocolate but it's Lent and I gave it up. Someone tell me some Durham trivia?
You haven't told us how lunch went!
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Oh! yes. Point. Yep, it went surprisingly well - Axel's parents are both lovely. I can see why Axel said his mum was scary (particularly as she kept asking how drunk he was after he came back from falling in the river and if he'd cried and if I'd cried and saying that he shouldn't ever drink again and saying he looked like a Muslim with his beard - not in a *massively* racist way, though), but she was really nice anyway. Pa Torstenson (my mum refers to Axel's parents like that and I have adopted it) invited me to Sweden in the summer, which is a pretty good indication. I think I behaved well at the table (not spilling anything on myself) and I think Ma Torstenson seemed slightly impressed that I'd given up a lot of stuff for Lent and thus refused dessert. I couldn't even begin to tell you how much I wanted some, though. Axel seemed intent on upsetting his parents with hints about not doing any work, etc - they care a lot about that kind of thing and keep telling him he should be doing more work and going out less, etc. They asked about my work and I was honest about leaving things till the last minute but said I really wanted a first and Ma seemed satisfied with that. They asked about my piano and guitar playing and seemed interested in hearing me play. In summary, it went all very well and I don't think I said anything too shameful. Yes! On the way back to college, we ran into my college mum who was coming back from a rugby match caked in mud - Axel said, "this is my mother-in-law," and I have never seen anyone looking so disturbed and confused as his parents did at that. Ha ha.


*pleased that becca showed an interest* :smile:
So you ARE husting for it then Alex? What changed..? I didn't think you could.

And btw, just an aside here everyone. I am running the London marathon. More details can be found on my facebook profile, or in my signature later on. But for now, I am going to stick down this little address and hope you all have some pennies in your pocket and can sponsor me. I would be really grateful guys. Just click the link below. Thanks:

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You're doing the London Marathon?!?!! How?!?!

I'm planning to do the Great North Run again, 13miles is enough for me!! :redface:
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I plan to sit around and eat a lot. Go me!

No, seriously, I am impressed, Robbie. Running to catch a bus is strenuous enough for me. And dobbs, I am impressed with you too. *Thinks about the long walk to the dining hall and sighs*
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lol...I would love to do the London Marathon but it seems so expensive and hard to get into - so I'm sticking with the Great North Run for now (though I could do the Edinburgh Marathon but it's on the same weekend as a major rowing competition so can't! grrrr!).

I think next year, once I've graduated and got more time to focus on my running then I'll try and do some marathons :smile:

Jess - they're really only as bad as you make them, if you run as fast as you can for 13 miles then yes, they're hell!! But if you take it easy (which MANY people do!) then they're really not as bad as you'd think :smile:

Oh and you asked for Durham comes some:

Main Library Level 3 Computer Room is BLOOMIN' PACKED!!! You know why? Because 200 or so geographers have decended upon the library like a flock of evil flying monkeys looking for bananas....yes, we all have our dissertations in this Friday and as such (oh my god, I keep saying "and as such" in my dissertation, and it's coming into TSR now!!!) the library, and it's computer rooms, are PACKED!!!

I am taking up a computer to use TSR, hahaha. But actually I've got about 2 more paragraphs until I finish my first draft of my dissertation....YAY....oh and I passed the 10,000 word mark about 15mins ago, DOUBLE YAY! :biggrin:
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grew out of reaction to Hegel. Fact.

Yeah, so?

I am conclusively planning on going down the pub.

On the election related news, wouldn't that make TKR,Durhamdosser,6+6=6 and Chrish2107 all on their college execs? We're so commited.
I am running for Chickenshed and have currently raised 10 of the 1000 bob I need to. And how...

Probably with great difficulty, but I'll do it. I'm not your fastest or fittest person, but I've got that DAMN HEART!!

Sponsor away if you can guys!