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My brother will kill me if I tell him that; he loves Pendulum.

Where did you get the schedule? I checked out the DSU website and couldn't find it.
Chemistry Research, Durham University
Durham University
I just saw it on a Durham Freshers' facebook page...
It's on here :biggrin:

I actually can't wait...
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My brother will kill me if I tell him that; he loves Pendulum.

And me, as of a few months back.
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Wow I only just found this thread.

Pendulum are awwwwwwful it actually causes me pain to listen to them.
The random chat seems to spill all over the forum anyway though. xD

Pendulum are not really my thing but I can see why people like them.
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I don't think I've heard them. I have a friend who tried to get me to listen to them once... but I didn't. Can't remember why though I'm sure I had a reason at the time.
They're a sort of dancey, drum-and-basey thing, and that's about all I know. The only song of theirs I really know is Fasten Your Seatbelt, which gets stuck in my head from time to time.

I'm listening to Sparklehorse right now; this isn't my area of expertise. xD
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Drum n bass is hilarious.
When I'm drunk, either I go on a complete rant about how **** drum and bass is, or decide that in fact, I love it and want to dance.
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Drum and bass is amazing! So much energy! Has to be a proper dnb night/rave/set though, its no good playing 1 or 2 tunes between oasis and freddie l'grande like your local liquid/envy/etc

I also find you have to be spoon fed into drum and bass a little bit, especially some of the grimey/harder stuff.. After listening to a lot of the more liquidy/melodic stuff the harder stuff starts to sound amazing.

Pendulum should be good, does anybody know if its the DJ set or the live show? Haven't seen the latter yet, so fingers crossed!
I've actually only gone clubbing once and it turned out to be on a very house-oriented gay night. It was quite fun though. I'll have to try out a DnB night.

Do you guys go out often?
Catch the manics who do sixty outside schools? No.

I never knew they had that up their sleeves!

Rock music, songs with meaning and speeding. All I thought that James Dean Bradfield was interested in was pies.:wink:
Ive onl;y been clubbing once too, and that was by accident :p:

I intend to learnt the art of clubbage at the 'rham' though :smile:
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Just to say, I just got my results from my year abroad posted to me from Durham-I scored a not too shabby 76%(in Durham terms), if you need me then I'll be in the corner looking smug.
*shakes fist* I can't believe you beat me!!

So did you actually get a first, basically in translation to here results?!

Dave would not be pleased.
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I did indeed, I plan to blow it all up catastrophically next year.
What was your GPA in California?
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What was your GPA in California?

How does GPA work, and what numbers are good or bad?