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Durham General Chat Thread

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*shuts up about games* :p:

:biggrin: :hugs:
Chemistry Research, Durham University
Durham University
This isn't *really* about games, more about packing and stuff, but should I bring my N64? I'm not bringing my tv, so it's a gamble on if someone else in the house has one. Also, I'm not sure I'll have time to play it. But at the same time it's a great way to spend a night with new found friends. Few bottles of wine + Goldeneye or something....
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If you have the space then I don't see why not! Also the fact that you're from Gateshead, you could always not take it then find out whether there is a TV around and then pop home on the train to Newcastle, jump on the bus/metro home and get it.

I love living in Newcastle for exactly that reason! People are like "Oh I've never seen Father Ted" so I go home the next day to get my Father Ted DVDs and bring them back to watch lol. Good stuff :biggrin:
Or ring home and say "mam bring my N64 over will ya? Yeh, now will do" :biggrin:
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*chats, generally*
Who are you chatting generally with?
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Hehe:smile: i dont play any computer/video games (except worms :rolleyes: hehe) but mario is kool....specially mariokart :biggrin: tho i am awful at it! :frown:

*wants to play worms!*
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How exciting - if you put your name into it tells you what your email address is going to be.
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How exciting - if you put your name into it tells you what your email address is going to be.

Awesome. Thanks, link-lady.


Not bad at all.
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Yeah, it's good that they don't have any numbers that no-one can ever remember in them. Some people have their name rather than initials though.
I got a full name :p: No initials for me :smile:


There's a miss jennifer simpson doing modern foreign languages at grey and I'm just not there :frown::frown::frown: x
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Maybe some of the colleges haven't put their freshers on the system yet?
grr...mine is s.c.robinson (etc.)...I was sure I managed to keep my middle name off all correspondence with Durham...why couldn't I have just had shaun.robinson instead...
but there's someone else I know going to my college who's on it (I decided to search for him to check) I really hope I'm actually expected! Well at least I have a dad! xxx
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Or prehaps it didn't come up with it because it says "If your search is satisfied by more than 100 people, only details about the first 100 will be returned."
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I got initials, damnit! k.a.mcauliffe It's pretty cool seeing my name on the proper durham website though! good lord i'm easliy exciteable...
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What's worse about having initials?
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err.. nothing, i guess. but i prefer my name. and there's not a whole lot of koran's about so they coulda given it to me. meanies!
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Initials are better if you have a hard to spell first name. Unfortunately no-one knows how to spell my surname unless I tell them so neither way helps me!