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How on earth can people fit all their clothes in one suitcase?! :confused:
easy, get one huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge suitcase :biggrin:
Chemistry Research, Durham University
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easy, get one huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge suitcase :biggrin:

As I have said, a transit van is not a suitcase!
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Crap. I haven't started packing.

Nor have I finished the maths booklet I was sent.

As I have said, a transit van is not a suitcase!

Well, you can put a handle on the top and pretend :p:

Anywho, I've packed all my clothes, except for the last few that I'm washing now :smile: (yes, some of us poor buggers have to do our own washing :rolleyes: )
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I'm packing at the moment. I think I'm going to end up with 3 bags and three boxes. Why do shoes take up so much space?!
Is that it??? I'd be pleased if I only had 3 bags and 3 boxes (depends how big the bags are) :rolleyes:
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They're like big rucksacks. I just hope it doesn't rain cos my boxes have no lids!
My boxes are so full they wont shut, theyr just cardboard ones. I have 3 already, and still loads of stuff left to pack. I still have my whole (desktop) computer to pack up...
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my 2 suitcases and 2 rucksacks are getting just a teensy bit ripping-openly full.
Do you have boxes too or is that it? I've got things that are just going in as they are, like guitars and amp and a fridge and stuff.... so much stuff when i think about it....
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I think ill be taking 4 giant boxes, one big suitcase, one small suitcase and a holdal bag!

But im not even starting packing till tomorrow! Oww!
I would like to finish packing now but I have no idea where to even begin thinking about packing up stuff other than clothes... Are you just spending the whole day sorting your stuff tomorrow?
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Yeah, morning buying toiletries, aft packing, evening going for meal and seeing nan b4 leaving and then packing any last bits before getting up at 5am on Sunday for the Journey! Scary!!!
Ooh, sounds too organised... I intend to spend all day packing bits and pieces, taking apart computer, visiting necessary people (granma etc) then panic on sunday morning at about 8 as to how I'll get everything sorted...
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I sound too organised.

I honestly must say its the first time in my life I have heard that.
hehe... well more organised than me anyway, I bet there are people who are fully packed with their stuff lined up in boxes by the door :p:
I've now packed two huuuge suitcases, mainly full of clothes, and two holdalls full of crap, have a few more bits and pieces to shove into a little bag tomorrow and I should be done...
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I'm getting the train,with my mum (who is 5 foot tall). Thereby limiting the amount of stuff we can take.
My suitcase (the bigger one) currently has,amongst other things, an entire PC in it...
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They've changed my college tutor! Very nice of them to just phone me to tell me. :smile:
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I'm expected by my landlord in Durham tomorrow at 10am.

I have packed my underwear and socks.

Bugger :frown: