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:frown: I have two long summatives due in on 9th May and one due in 14th May, and I only have three exams but they're all at the beginning. So after 20th May I'll be totally done, but I probably won't do very well. How do you revise for closed book English exams when you're a really slow reader and have three summatives to do as well? I've started for them but the work's going really slowly and everyone needs the same books so I either can't get hold of the ones I need or I have them but they've been requested and are due back in tomorrow.

Chemistry Research, Durham University
Durham University
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oh, and registration for next year :indiff:

**** YEAH!!! :bang:
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I've got mine *grins in a geeky manner*

I'm not even sure if I'm doing History or History and Politics next year so I've got a while to go!

Also, check out BBC4 tonight, 9pm. Robert Bartlett ('The Making of Europe') is doing a documentary.
Hmm, I have a lab report in for next wednesday but that's the least of my concerns as I've nearly finished. As for revising I haven't really done as much as I should have. Gonna work solid until my first exam 14th May and then I have a 5 day break which is okay and then an exam on 19th,21st and 23rd. I only have 4 exams this year cos of labs but doesn't mean I'm still not panicking. I'm actually quite scared. :redface:
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My 'Cello bow is fixed and will be returning to Durham with me very soon. :biggrin:
and it only cost £8 to fix
Aula is very happy :biggrin:
My 'Cello bow is fixed and will be returning to Durham with me very soon. :biggrin:
and it only cost £8 to fix
Aula is very happy :biggrin:

What did you do to it exactly?
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Aula talks in the 3rd person... Reblet is scared...
I have just remembered about a sandwich I bought from the newsagents this afternoon. What a bonus. :biggrin:
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Only sometimes Reblet. Occasionally my facebook status gets too much for me and I start talking in the third person. I did once have a few facebook conversations going on all in the third person...

There was a crack in the heel of the bow. :frown: but it's all better now :biggrin:
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My facebook status broke for a whole week so it was stuck on "Rowena is looking forward to seeing you-know-who tonight!" and thus every person I went out with that entire week thought I was talking about them and seemed highly scared of why I was so excited and why I wasn't naming them. Damned facebook.

Reblet is tired :frown:
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Aula is tired also and really ought to be going to bed, but she is far too distracted by TSR and BBC iplayer...
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Reblet thinks that she should go to bed. She also thinks Aula should because BBC iplayer and TSR will still be around in the morning.
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Aula points out that she needs to catch a train in the morning, and so these things will not be around I arrive in Durham tomorrow (or later today I suppose...)
actually... that's even more reason why I should go to bed.
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Reblet thinks Aula is very silly for not being in bed if she has to catch a train in the morning. Reblet is only awake as she knows she can sleep in until mid-day tomorrow :biggrin:
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Aula explains that by morning she means 11.30. So that should be doable... just about :s-smilie:
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Reblet still judges as she requires at least 8 hours of sleep to function so that is not remotely doable. She is setting the example by going to bed.

Nighty night! :biggrin:
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night night :smile:

edit: and bbc iplayer has finished, so I am actually going to go, unlike you who quite clearly are still around.
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I need to chop 261 words from my essay :indiff: Bummer.
Finished my placement! It was really awesome and has given me loads of inspiration and ideas for when I start teaching :biggrin:
Have to pack tomorrow though :frown:
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I am leaving at 11am tomorrow and have yet to finish packing. Ergh. Want more holiday :frown:.