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Boy Problem Help Needed! (WARNIG:LONG)

Hey ive got a boy problem and was wondering if you all could help me?

I went out on Saturday Night and got talking to a guy who does my course at university. Id seen him a few times in our lectures and thought he was good looking but we'd never spoken and didnt i didnt know who he was.

We got on quite well and were talking easily to each other and he said that hed noticed me in our lectures (which i was really surprised at because he'd never tried talking to me or anything and id never seen him looking over at me).

It got to the end of the night and he asked me for my number so i gave it him and we said goodnight (no kissing or anything) and that was it.

I expected to hear off him that next day because he sounded quite interested and one of my friends who knows him told me that he told her that he likes me. But it got to tuesday night and i hadnt heard anything so i thought id text him. It was just a general text saying "hi hope your ok did you have a good night on saturday" something like that but he didnt write back.

I then went out on Thursday night and saw him again and i decided to go and try and talk to him but he was always surrounded by loads of people so i thought id leave it until he was on his own. It was near the end of the night and i bumped into him and he was chatting fine and didnt mention anything about why he didnt reply to my text so i asked him if he'd recieved it and he said that he did but he was really drunk on Saturday night and didnt remember what hed said to me so didnt text back incase he'd been rude me.

We talked for abit longer and then had to go, again we said bye and nothing happened. Then at uni today i saw him briefly and he winked and said hi.

I really like him but im not sure what to make of how hes behaving. He hasnt text me since hes had my number which is nearly a week now. My friend has told me that hes normally quite shy around girls and i thought that could be why he hasnt been in touch.

Im going out on Saturday and hes suppose to be going out aswell. Im not sure if to text him today just asking how he is and what hes got planned for this weekend, but i dont want to text incase he doesnt reply again and then i wont know what to think. Or should i just go out on Saturday and see if i see him and try and talk to him then?

What do you all make of the siuation? Do you think he likes me? What should i do?
All replies appreciated :smile:

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If something is going to happen, then it is going to happen. Why do you girls always analyse things like this? It's not going to make any difference! Do what your gut instinct tells you, usually it's right.
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I dont know what my gut instinct is though
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You'll be fine :smile:
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Thanks Icy Ghost :smile:
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Sounds like he probably is being shy. Hang in there and see what happens on Saturday... :wink:
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Thanks for the advice Ruth :smile:
Maybe he needs a hint that you actually like him? Maybe thats why he is backing off...
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Yeah thats what i was thinking. Do you think i should text him again or wait and see if hes out on Saturday?
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No probs, I'm just the same when it comes to guys! It's definately true that we analyze things a lot more than they do. John is right - if it's meant to happen then it'll happen. Good luck! :p:
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Thanks :smile:
No probs, I'm just the same when it comes to guys! It's definately true that we analyze things a lot more than they do. John is right - if it's meant to happen then it'll happen. Good luck! :p:

Yup.. i'm guilty of that :smile: :smile: I'm very defensive when it comes to males.. Probably something from seeing my close relatives/friends getting hurt. And myself included :biggrin:
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Ive got an update, hes not coming out on Saturday. Hes had to go home for the weekend. What shall i do now? Do you all think i should text him?
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i dont think you should text him, just wait til you see him, that way he'll be wondering 'why hasnt she texted me' and maybe make more of an effort to approach you and chat to you etc instead of the other way round - for some reason, most of the time its when you act disinterested in a boy that they become more interested in you... :rolleyes: good luck xxxx
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Text him. If he's shy he's probably finding hard to start texting you, but once he gets going he'll probably open up a bit.
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Hmmm 2 different options. What shall i do?
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Hmm, difficult one... I don't think there's any harm in 'casually' texting him to say sorry that he can't make it on Saturday night and hope to see him soon. On the other hand playing hard to get is a also good plan although it might not work if he's genuinely shy. If it were me I'd probably go with the easier option and text him!
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yeah i could just casually text to see how hes doing. What if he doesnt reply again though?
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I don't see any reason why he shouldn't. I've found that guys generally don't always feel the need to text as much as us girls so if he doesn't text back then don't take it personally. Chances are he will though as he seems to like you so be positive, you never know what might happen! :rolleyes:
Just wait and see what happens when you see each other on saturday. I'm sure you'll be fine. :smile: And yah, it just sounds like he's a bit shy.