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The less products the better, I say :smile:
In a thread I had on hair gels, someone (I think, SamtheMan) said something similar...
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I don't think there is any evidence, I used to use hair gel everyday for about 3 years and didn't notice any hair loss, but that was probably because you tend not to see hair shedding when you have short hair.

Now on average I lose about 10-15 strands of hair a day (that I notice) and probably more that I don't. It is natural to lose hair everyday. I don't think hair gel has/had anything to do with it

The best thing you can do is stop using hair gel, the the hair hang natural. Girls love hair they can actually tough without the hear of being stabbed.

EDIT: However I did hear that using head and shoulders causes premature balding/more hair shedding. And apparantly research has shown this. Humm I should have googled before typing this... googling as I typeeee...
if you shampoo your hair after using hair gel, which you should do anyway then no
I've never heard that, but if it's true we're going to have a mass of bald people in 20 yrs time :smile:
I remember my hairdresser telling me it was something to do with a chemical agent they used to put into the hair gel. (But then again what do hairdresser's know about chemical reactions :confused:)
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i hope not :frown:
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I've heard the same as above. The chemicals in the gel weaken the hair and hence leads to falling out. Its an indirect 'side-effect' (if ou can call it that) of using gel.

Back when I used to style my hair I used gel and found some hair was falling out (only because I was acctually noticing it). When I switched to wax much less hair fell out (or at least I didnt notice it :biggrin:).

This is all from personal experience, it could all be wrong ..
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red Dax Wax causes hair loss so i heard
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I seriously doubt it :confused: