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Corpus Christi or Trinity Hall


I am going to apply to Economics at Cambridge this year and still need to decide which college to go for.

I have reduced my choice to Corpus Christi and Trinity Hall. I used to be very much in Favour of TH but when I compared the websites and online prospectuses of the two colleges, it made me a bit unsure about my choice. There does not seem to be enough information about TH on the web so I though some of you could help.

Could you please give me some feedback on how these two colleges compare on:

a) accomodation
b) financial support for EU students
c) reputation for Economics
d) sports facilities?

Do you know what kind of school essay is usually asked from the CC applicants? Is it an essay specifically written for the uni or just a random piece of schoolwork?

Thanks a lot for any comments.

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Answering for Tit Hall:

a) Not particularly great. There's no en-suite anywhere in college if that's the sort of thing that matters to you, and first-year rooms in somewhat in need of redecorating (some of them are *huge* though) and kitchens are fairly small. The rooms tend to be nicer in later years, but you may have to live up the hill near Fitz and New Hall (like me in two weeks time :frown: ).

b) Don't really know. We're not a particularly rich college, so I think the Newton Bursary is the primary source of aid.

c) Doesn't have one as far as I'm aware. Having said that, very few colleges are 'economics colleges' and, since most teaching is done centrally, this shouldn't really be a major factor in college choice.

d) Amazing for such a small college. We have one of the largest, nicest boathouses on the river (and a 1st men's boat that's third in May Bumps :smile: ), a very good rugby team, several tennis courts and apparently the best squash courts in Cambridge (although I am yet to try them out). There should be gym equipment in the new pavilion soon as well.
There should be gym equipment in the new pavilion soon as well.

A friend of mine told me the gym is up the hill? So how soon would the new equipment be ready?