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Ethnicity in cardiff city

..apparently cardiff uni students have a reputation of being a bit 'unfrendly' to ethnic minorities. Is this true?

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mis-read that.,. thought it said prostitute vote...

ive never heard this... but have heard theres a HEAFTY asian (non student) population in the outskirts of cardiff with which the students sometimes have run-ins...
Studying at Cardiff University
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What's thie AIDAP thing, crimson? Sounds interesting...
read "my geek idea" thread and all will become clear
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There is a large asian community round the outskirts of the city center, but that's no different to any other large city in the UK really. The areas of Grangetown and Riverside (which is the main one found by walking over the bridge as you walk away from the main train station) are the most notable.

There's also Bute which is on the way to the Bay from the center which has a fairly bad reputation (used to be known as Cardiff's red light district), not often a good idea to walk down their on your own at night (since things tend to get a bit territorial) but it's a lot better lately than it used to be as long as you take the road that runs alongside the newer flats as opposed to the one that runs alongside the other side of the railway (you'll know if you ever find yourself walking to the Bay from town). Sometimes the Bay itself can be a little unfriendly but because it's been cleaned up lately it's getting better.

Can't say I've heard of too many run-ins. A few friends have been chased/threatened by Somali's in the past but that was 2 or 3 years ago and things have calmed down a lot since then. It doesn't seem to happen past a certain age, or at least, happens less often.

As far as being unfriendly to ethnic minorities? can't say I've seen or heard much of that either. Most people tend to be indifferent There CAN be some general hostility from the avid Cardiff City football supporters on match days if they're properly riled up, but otherwise it's not something that you hear about very often at all and that's not really from the Uni either, plus it's moreover directed at the opposition fans. Also, the match ground "Ninian park" isn't even in the city center, nor close to any of the halls either. So I doubt Cardiff is too different from most universities of its calibre in that respect. Where did you hear that idea from?

In most cases anyway, if anyone were to be giving another student grief because of ethnicity, a lot of their peers wouldn't stand for it.
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Alyn you know too much about Bute

That's just wrong
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From the poll results.. could black and far eastern peeps be considered as aliens?

P.S what is ADAIP
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ADAIP is the future!!

Why would they be aliens?? This is hardly a fair poll, it doesn't even represent 1% of people who are going to be there.
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ADAIP is the future!!

Why would they be aliens?? This is hardly a fair poll, it doesn't even represent 1% of people who are going to be there.

They would be aliens in the sense that you would almost never see them. Am not crazy. Anyway if you have a better source for this type of information really I would like to see it.
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Well then the answer is no they won't be aliens.

And they may have summin on the cardiff uni site, you checked that?
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Yep. The Cardiff Uni website is what got me worried in the first place. Especially the high number of people answering yes on the Have you experienced any discrimination in Cardiff poll.
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I think there are less minorities in Cardiff than in any English city, there really aren't many people-asian, black etc in Wales as a whole really ...I think. There is a large community of asian people in Grangetown but I think thats about it.
I also agree with the advice to stay away from Cardiff City fans,if you're English or of non-welsh origins they can be a bit hostile.
My friends are doing economics and business and they said a large group or Japanese people are taking this subject. I've also spoken to some scandanavian people who are going to Cardiff. Lets hope there's lots of different people. 1/3 of people in Cardiff uni are Welsh though.
for info in AIDAP and to read about its birth check the "my stupid geek idea" thread.

and the descrimination is the somalians causing fuss with the whites... hense the poll.

and i really did think that said "prostitute vote".
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and the descrimination is the somalians causing fuss with the whites... hense the poll.

yeah liek the guy said further up though, they only target younger people. I know many people who've had trouble with them but haven't heard anything about it for a couple of years as we've got older. Bloody bullies. Oh and it obviously isn't all of them. Most of them are nice guys.
a lot of the girls look younger though... like 7 years old in emmz's case
You're asking for a slap.

I thought I was gonna be killed when I went to watch the England - Wales game in town :frown: thankfully I wasn't wearing an England shirt and I have a Welsh tilt to my accent.
i love slaps. especially from non pretty girls like you...

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I have a Welsh tilt to my accent.

my mums terrified i will come back with a welsh accent! i think its quite a sexy accent tbh
Note to james & corm - NO i am not a lesbian and im not hittin on emmz!!!
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Yea sure thing
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Alyn you know too much about Bute

That's just wrong

haha, re-reading, yeah..... I think I do.

And yeah, the more hostile Somali's only tend to go after 13-17 year old (at least in looks) males. Half the time to try and steal their shoes (one of the occasions I mentioned in my last post was indeed an attempt at shoe theft...)