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annoying feeling

Hi I wondered if you guys would know whats wrong with me or if you have ever experienced this. Basically for 2 years or so I have been getting this like emotional feeling on and off thats really hard to explain. Its like somewhere in between the top of my ribs and stomach lol. The first time I had it it was bad as it was constantly there and I wouldnt eat or anything and was scared to go out in case I started to panic.
Its like a mixture between low/being scared/suffocating/I can't carry on life with this, sort of thing. Its hard to explain but I know its not going to go away with the help of a doctor plus it would be hard to explain.
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It reminds me of when I'm nervous about something. Is anything actually wrong?
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It reminds me of when I'm nervous about something. Is anything actually wrong?

Not really I do get anxious when im out sometimes for no reason but thats just plain anxiety and shouldn't cause this feeling thing when im at home.
Sounds like textbook anxiety to me, you really should go and see the doctor, even if they cant help you directly they can refer you to someone who can, it's much more common then you might imagine.
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As said go to a doctor, they may be able to help if not they will refer you. AS lessthanthree said it wont go away unless you get it checked out.
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Sounds very much like an anxiety problem to me. The fact that you are trying to avoid bringing it on is one of the typical behavioral symptoms. People with panic attacks stop going to the shops because they got an attack there once, don't eat pears because the last time they did that, they happened to panic...etc.
You do not seem to be as bad as that, but it is bothering you and as was said, doctors do see it quite often and can certainly understand what you are talking about. Do give it a try and get some professional help.
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Definately sounds like anxiety, maybe a panic attack? You don't need to be doing or thinking of anything stressful to have a panic attack, sometimes they can come completely out of the blue.

I think the best thing is to see your doctor, like everyone has suggested. They won't laugh at you, won't think you're going nuts, won't think you're making it up or anything like that (which is what I was worried about when I first went to the dr's with anxiety) If you had a problem with your leg you'd go to the dr's, so why not for something like this? They will just ask you a few things, such as last time it happened, how long it lasted, how it felt, if you can think of what might have triggered it, then they will help you. If might be tablets, or meditation, or even counselling, but please don't let any of that put you off. You have something that happens to you, and it's bad enough for you to post on TSR, so it's obviously worrying you, so you need to get it sorted. It might even be the panic of panicking that brings it on! Whatever it is you need to see the dr about it. Good luck and I hope you're feeling better soon :hugs:
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Also, you say you've had this for 2 yrs? You don't want it for another 2 do you? All the more reason to bite the bullet and get it fixed now, or you'll be sitting here in 2 yrs time writing the same post, whereas if you start seeking help now, in 2 yrs time you'll be feeling much better! :smile:
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Definatly sounds like panic. You should go see your doctor for advice.
Is it like the sinking feeling in your stomach?