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Works Nightclub.....

Hey guys,

just moved to bristol for uni and went to 'the WORKS' last night. Dont know if any of you have been before but its awesome!!!

The room is massive, the music was great, they did massive firework displays and the drinks are pretty cheap for students.

Went to oceana friday which was nice but not that good, very expensive and everyone was so far up their own arses they forgot how to have a good time!

Definatley found my place of residence for the coming year (in the Works!!)

oh and they have got ANTHONY from BB this friday and us students get in free, how mint is that!!
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Do you happen to work there as well by any remote chance? Sure you don't need us to quote your user name when we go in so you get some commission? :P
Inside University of Bristol
University of Bristol
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The Works - go there once just to give it a try. Don't ever got there again (unless you want to get mugged)
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yep, definitely an ad.

Huge, 'identikit london club'. It is NOT a student club of choice for Bristol Uni - UWE maybe, but not Bristol 'proper' Bristol! :wink: The locals like it so there's also a good chance of getting bottled. Those that would enjoy the place tend to frequent 'Wedgies' (now back at Evo).

Worth going once to see what it's like. Having said that, I've been a many times and loved it - foam parties, cheese...what more could a man want? Always had a good time, it's just not one you'll end up frequenting, in all fairness.
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I feel kind of bad posting in this thread because my own nightclub-based oceana thread might have sounded slightly as though I had a vested interest in seeing a few students pay (high?) prices for drinks. However, this is not the truth - I simply got slightly excited to see that a rather flashy looking building (that's all it takes for me) offering good times.
It'll certainly be interesting to find out about all of these different places - surely good times are abound to students of the proper Bristol!
never been to the works but i think it looks kinda good