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ok well i've met this one guy quite alot of times at bars/club in the same area, but i dont actually know him. But hes always the one to make the effort to come over talk etc, and he asked for my number the first time we met.
However he seems to be giving off all these signs that he likes me (not in a sleazy way, hes really sweet and intelligent) so when the f**k is he going to make a move?

Like you know went you talk to someone and then you stop and theres that perfect moment to kiss or whatever, so why doesnt he?
I really want to make the first move but although im normally really confident, i just cant bring myself to do it, becuase i really do like him and i dont want to f it up, by springing on him!
Does it mean he doesn't really like me at all, or that hes just shy? I didnt even notice him until he came to talk to me, and then the more i got talking to him the more i liked him, but he made the first move, so why will he not just bloody kiss me grrr.
Sorry for the rant, im just confused
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If he isn't 'sleazy' maybe he is waiting for you to give the impression you are ready... Sounds like quite the gentlman if you ask me! Maybe you should make the first move, if you are ready, chances are he is too... And if not, I doubt anything bad will happen.. Just get dancing if you are in the club, and let things glide.
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Couldn't you say something like "the more I see of you the more I like you"? That can be meant in a "friend" way at a pinch, just in case he does not want more of you, but the way you describe it, he just doesn't want to steamroll you and seems to be waiting for a (ever so slight) '"come on sign" from you. Saying something that reassures him, that you like him, might just be enough.
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Maybe you're his first girl he seriously liked? It took me a while to initiate a kiss even after my ex started kissing me cus he was my first one.

And besides, he sounds like a decent, smart guy - he wouldn't wanna kiss you out of the blue and scare you away, just as you're thinking the same thing. If you don't like him back in that way and he did kiss you, it'd blow the friendship it'd blow all his efforts. He probably just doesn't wanna screw up and is being more careful, which isn't a bad thing - he's just going slow and steady, that's all and that's better than rushing.
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meybe hes shy why don't you make the move.
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meybe hes shy why don't you make the move.

Gah i know but thats way easily said than done! I know he might be in the same position, but i guess i'm just too used to the guy making the first move. *sigh* hes so sweet..
Saying something that reassures him, that you like him, might just be enough.

I agree. Orrrr, just..kiss him! :biggrin:
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Just be patient! :rolleyes:
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Think of it this way:

Right now, you're probably both unhappy in this relationship because you're each too afraid to kiss the other - in case of rejection it seems. Although the guy traditionally takes the lead, you are in exactly the same position. Just realise he is as afraid as you are, have courage and kiss him.

If you want to make it potentially less awkward, when he says something sweet go 'aww...' and give him a peck on the lips. If he's got any sense, he'll take this as all the come on he needs. Of course, when this was done on me I didn't work out what was going on for a while, and just kept talking - don't take that as rejection, he could just be stupid like me!