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As there seem to be a lot more Cantabrigians back on this forum now that the term has begun, I thought I would see if there are any last-minute thoughts on selecting graduate accommodation in Cambridge.

Initially, my thinking was dominated by distances from various places, esp. Cavendish Laboratory in the West Cambridge Site, where I'll be working. On that basis, I settled on the Madingley Road hostels as my first preference. I don't mind walking at all, but I would much rather not have to ride a bike if possible.

However, it has been mentioned that Madingley Road is a major artery out of Cambridge, and is apt to be noisy. Can anyone comment on how noisy it would be? I very much appreciate peace and quiet, so noise is quite an important factor for me.

My supervisor recommended Merton Hall, and, failing that, 12 Madingley. 16th century and draughty is not my cup tea, but his other recommendation seems quite all right, and, on that basis, I was going to put it as my first preference. However, he was at Cambridge ten years ago, and at Emma, at that, so his recollections were a bit vague. The remainder of my preferences I was going to distribute among the other Madingley Road hostels on the basis of their proximity to West Cambridge.

If anyone has any comments, general or specific, I would appreciate hearing them very much, especially if anyone knows of a particularly good or bad place to live. Any advice on accommodation selection would also be most welcome.
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