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Mountain Biking Club

I'm keen to join the mountain biking club at warwick, only i have a couple of questions, obviously i'd need to bring my bike in, but it's a little expensive for me to want to leave outside all year round, esp with thieving eyes. :eek: anyone know how it works?
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I emailed the old president a couple of years ago with the same question- he suggested that if the bike is half decent to get a bike bag (£100 or so) and keep it in your room- keep your cleaner happy and there shouldn't be a problem. Not sure if they now have storage though so its probably worth bunging them an email.

Other idea is insurance and a half decent lock (e.g. a kryptonite new yorker). Bikes do get nicked off campus but as long as the lock is half decent and insured it *should* be ok. Personally I wouldn't want to leave a bike I care for outside in the rain/sleet/snow of the winter too much though.
Students on campus at the University of Warwick
University of Warwick
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thanks for the info, hmm i don't really want to leave it in my room, could do with the space i can imagne it really getting in the way. Storage is a good idea. my bike is covered against theft (and accidental damage... heh) but at £900 i want to be careful with it. Yeah i'll enquire about storage, cheers.
Yeah definately not a nice idea to leave it outside!
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yeah, although you can winterize the bike to an extent I'd really think twice about leaving it outside (even under a cover of some type).

What kind of riding do you do?
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I ride XC reguarally (s'about all you can do around here!!) although i'm keen on technical downhill routes, and go to the dolomites in italy (when i can afford it), where theres a huge selection of different routes, and best of all you get ski lifts to take you up when your feeling lazy.
Ive got a Scott Veil frame (i prefer hardtail) on which i've slapped on some marzocchi comp pros, hs33's and some decent rims. so its quite robust in terms of what i can do with it.

What is it you do?, and what's avaliable / where do you go with warwick?
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i'm definitely a future member of warwick mountainbike club, perhaps even some local road-cycling team but... I'm not taking my xc bike with me.. (too afraid of theft) ..dunno. I think that I'll buy a cheap road bike in spring but I have no clue what to do with xc trips :P
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not got a bike with me at uni, have a marin bear valley (chromoly steel frame- old school) at home that I occasionally ride. Going to drop a few £ on a new rig once I graduate though (looking at maybe an orange ms isle). Ride some xc and freeride mainly.
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Orange Ms Isle.... oooh how i wish i had one of those! :biggrin: bB if you find anymore information let me know :rolleyes: please!! :biggrin: