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Will a grade 4 pass affect my chances of getting a 2.1? Watch

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    Hi all,

    I do hope someone can help me work out my final Degree classaification. I've just completed a level 2 course (A210) and only managed a grade 4 pass. I was aiming for a 2.1 in the (B39) English language & Literature Degree.

    I know that only level 2 & 3 course grades count towards the final degree classification. So I wanted to know how much a grade 4 pass will affect my chances of getting a 2.1 overall? Is it still possible? or do I have to achieve a grade 1 pass in the 3 other courses that make up the 240 points for this to be doable?

    I can't seem to make sense of how the OU work out the final grade (there is a link to a page that gives examples, but it's just baffling :confused: )

    Have you completed a BA (hons) degree, got a grade 4 pass but still managed to get a 2.1? If you could give details of your other course grades that'd be much appreciated Maybe you understand the OU calculation system & can tell me the grades I need to get if I'm still aiming for a 2.1

    Hi UA

    If you go to StudentHome and click on the "Qualifications" link at the top, then go to the degree qualification page, you should see a link to the Qualification Planner on the right hand side. This allows you to enter all the courses you intend to take and predict your classification (you can enter different combinations of grades for each course to see how it affects the overall classification).

    At a guess I'd say you can still achieve your 2.1 as long as you do well on your level 3 modules. But you're quite right that the way they calculate classification is a little complicated, so I'd let the qualification planner do the work for you.

    HTH and good luck


    iirc the English qualification planner is broken. In fact, I just tried it in an attempt to answer your question, and I noticed it fulfilled the L3 requirements when I added the L2 courses. :confused: Maybe that's just me.

    Anyway, assuming all your courses are 60 points and you're doing 120 at L2 and L3, you can get a 2.1 by making a pass 2 on each of your three remaining modules.

    Here are my numbers if anyone wants to check:
    Columns are
    Level, course, grade of pass, weighted calculation, weighted grade points

    L2, A210 60 points, pass 4, 60x4, 240
    L2, ANY 60 points, pass 2, 60x2, 120
    L3, ANY 60 points, pass 2, 60x2x2, 240
    L3, ANY 60 points, pass 2, 60x2x2, 240

    120 points taken in to account at L3
    120 points taken in to account at L2
    total weighted grade points: 840

    Weighted grade points for classifications are:
    < 630 1st class
    631 to 900, 2.1 <- you're here, even with that pass 4 at L2
    901 to 1170, 2.2
    1171 to 1440, third

    As for the QA part, as I understand, they just take your best 60 at L3 and check to make sure it's up to the standard of classification you're about to granted.

    All in all, call and talk to someone if you want to be sure as there are lots of little ins and outs that might get in the way with specific courses.

    The numbers tell me that you're still in with a good chance though. All is certainly not lost.
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    WOW, that's very helpful! I didn't know that tool existed until now, much appreciated Lupinpooter.

    I've just been putting in different combinations & all is definitely not lost. I thought I would have to get a distinction or a grade 2 minimum in all the remaining courses to achieve a 2.1 but even with different combinations it's still possible.

    Thanks to Moggs also for the simple calculation. It actually makes sense to me now.

    Well, I'm just hoping to do better in my next exam than I did in the A210 course. I'm not even a fan of literature but it was a compulsory course. I only wish the OU offered an English language degree minus the literature.

    Thanks again for the speedy replies!
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