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hey, I was just wandering if anyone here is suffering/has suffered with an ED...?? I was diagnosed bulimic at 10 and Anorexic at 12, hospitalised at 14, I still struggle, and i'm off to uni - where i'll have my own freedom around food and stuff, I was just seeing if anyone has similar experiences and could share advice on how to cope - i'm extremely scared that I'll relapse as still, every day is hard. thanks, Laura x
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I have lost weight but don't fit into classic anorexia and bulima because my problems aren't conected to thinking i'm fat so i just say i have 'eating problems', but before i quite seeing psychs etc th nurse told me if i was just a couple of pounds less she would be on the phone now trying to get me admitted to hospital but i don't know if that was to try and scare me into eating or what. My eating habits are bad though but i wont go into it, and after she said that i did loose another 3lb but just didn't tell any of them, always stuck to the intial weight whenever they asked. Since then i have put on but am still underweight.

Just take one step at a time and you know the signs of falling back into your old ways so make sure you don't lie to yourself and tell yourself it's essential you stop the minute you feel your slipping - easier to combat it before you're at the bottom of the slope as you know. Maybe you can get support from docs at uni? If not, friends and family (by phone).
Good luck xxx
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anoreixia nervosa is not just starving yourself because you think your fat. Anorexia nervosa is a "nervous fear of eating" and can have many causes, not just because you think your fat. I was anorexic at 13 and hospitalised too. I didnt not think i was fat and didnt want to loose weight, i have a phobia of vomiting and i thought if i didnt eat i wouldnt throw up. Some people are a norexic or bulimic as a way to just take back control.
Ditto ^*to Holleh

a few month ago or so my stomach has not been to great and every time i ate something i started feeling a lil bit sick.. that cleared up in a week but im only now getting back into eating habbits. just write dowbn what you eat and look back over it... if it looks likes its enough then fine if now.. revise your eating for next week.

my mum has worked me by that since i was 7 and 1st got admited, but i don't remember much of it... well cause i was 7 lol
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because my problems aren't conected to thinking i'm fat

Argh! I can't believe i've said that...i always complain about how people think anorexia is just fear of being fat....sorry :s-smilie: I know it is other reasons but i don't think i'm classed as anorexic, well i duno, people tell me different so i don't even know what i am! Therefore i just call it 'eating problems''s easier. soz again xxx

My bro has a friend who's anorexic and that is apparently because she thinks she can't eat or something...maybe the same type of thing, i don't know if it's a fear of vomiting tho or what it is
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well I'm not sure if that works, but try to make some excuses so that anorexia would work for you and not against you, like for example tell your self, *if I didn't eat enough my body would starve, blab bla and everything will turn into fat and I'll become fat*. this might help.. or tell your self that you've burned these calories all up before you've eaten them during the day, underestimate the calories in food:biggrin: hope these would work
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I know exactly how u feel Laurielauz ive had an eating disorder of some kind (i swing between anorexia, bullemia and compulsive eating) since i was 15 and am also just about to go 2 uni...ive never been hospitalised but my sister has her entire disorder was brought about by uni :frown: . so im not only worried about how i will respond to having complete responsibility for wat i eat but worrying about my mum and dad worrying about me (if that makes sense)

However when i start to really panic i try and think of it this way - which i hope helps u a lil... uni is a totally fresh start and i shud try my best to embrace it as a fresh start away from my past problems. perhaps being in full control of what i eat will be refreshing and a good thing as i will no longer feel pressurised into eating so will have no reason to try and take control. im going to try and eat what i want wen i want now. for me no one else.

hopefully this idea is gna work for me... best of luck!
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I know how you feel, it's weird because I'm worried that I may relapse while at uni (I was never severely anorexic, never hospitalised, but was diagnosed as being anorexic a year and a half ago - since then I've managed to self remedy to a healthier weight), at the same time theres part of me that is happy to relapse, and that uni is giving me the opportunity because no-one will be watching what I eat.

I've been at a stable weight for 10 months now and I'm healthy but somehow, oh I don't know, reading this back I can see that I haven't really recovered totally yet. I got better for my family and friends, not for myself, and until I do it for myself, theres always a risk that I'll relapse. Anyone have any advice on what to do at uni to try not to relapse?

hannah x x x
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I don't know if this it all helpful, but an old school friend of mine was anorexic and nearly hospitalised when we were about 15. Then one week she started hanging out more with my group of friends who all have a very healthy attitude towards eating (as opposed to the friends she previously hung out with) and she credits us for helping her to get over her eating problems in a big way- so maybe being in a different environment with people who don't care that much about what they eat will actually be good for you? Think positive!