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I dont mind it in open spaces. I think it should be a personal decision of whether to smoke. however I have a real issue about people smoking in bars, cafes, clubs etc anywhere enclosed because I am quite badly asthmatic and it really annoys me if I go clubbing that I have to keep taking my inhaler, especially in clubs when I cant go to the bar because of standing next to people smoking there. Also as people get drunk they take less care with their cigarettes I have a scar on my arm where someone stubbed their cigarette on me as they drunkenly tripped when dancing. I also had my favourite dress ruined because someone burned it when i was clubbing. i find it antisocial and irritating.
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(Original post by capslock)
Smoking in clubs should be banned. MDMA legalised!

Viva la revolution.
I can't say that i would have a problem with not smoking if MDMA was legalized simply for the fact i wouldn't ever care, hah.

I am impressed at the fact that so many people actually responded to my post with something signifigant to say. Although i'm a newb to this site, i will certainly start using it on a regular basis. The only problem i can see is that some things people mention involve laws, regulations, and destinations in the UK in which i have no understanding of since i am from the US. I'm sorry it's not my fault our country educates us to be biast and to only know of our own community and culture! *faint cry*.
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