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weight loss

Im about a size 10-12 and have been going to the gym at least 4 times a week, some weeks i go every day and I do about 30mins cardio and then resistance training, weights, sit ups etc. My prob is that I hav a 'wobbly' belly but as i said im not a big girl but im really self concscious of it, espesh wen it comed to clingy tops, sitting down or having to get naked in front of anyone!!
But as ive been going to the gym since may, ive lost about a stone but my chubby belly doesnt seem to have shifted!! love handles have but not belly, its something i get from my dad.
I wnt to know am i resigned to a chubby belly 4 life??


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how much do you weigh?
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im 5'10 and weigh about 10stone, a dress size 10-12
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you can't have that much of a tummy then. You are well within your BMI surely
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i know im not overweight or anythin but its somethin im really concious of, its like my body is all out of proportion, im ok if i lie down, its quite flat then but any other time its just nasty!
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sure u look lush, a lot on men dont even like rake thin birds
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yeh i know, and to most ppl this doesnt even seem like a problem but its somethin that really bothers me so any advice would b helpful!
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Have you seen a fitness expert at your gym ? at mime there is a guy who draws up an individual plan for individual needs, mine is to define my abs and pecs, sure there are certain things to b done to tone your body and maybe the things your doing are not right for the part of the body you want sorting
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A bit of a belly is fine i think, as long as it isnt too big. At 10 stone and 5'10'' there is no chance of it being too big. I reckon most guys will agree with me.

If you do want to lose it then you will have to just carry on losing fat as it isnt really possible to target areas for fat loss, as far as i am aware. Some decent ab work could give the impression of a smaller stomach.
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I have exactly the same problem!! and im tiny.. well im a size 8 but big belly especially when i have drunk or eaten summin... my advice is try wear things that make the most of ur other assets.. stomach crunches mite help but mostly it is just one of the joys of being a woman!
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hmm tbh if i were you, which im not, i prolly wouldnt worry if the rest of you is in proportion. i mean, youi could step up the cardio a bit and make sure you eat very little fat, but um... i dunno?
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how many sit ups do u do a day? do you do them properly, slow?
sit ups make no difference if theres fat on ure belly though, you just tone the muscles under it......
anyway, women are meant to have a layer of fat on their tummies, its there to protect your womb etc.
Whats the best exercise for toning thighs? apart from running, have a dodgy knee!
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I guess if you are trying to tone your stomach up, then continue doing what you are doing - you don't need to try and lose weight, but keeping fit is never a bad thing! And I would add in some toning routines, including plenty of situps.. but do NOT overdo them, they hurt. Crunches are also a good idea. However, do count your blessings, some of us would give our right arm to be in our BMI ideal weight, and we probably still wouldn't get there!
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Whats the best exercise for toning thighs? apart from running, have a dodgy knee!
I think a combination of cycling and swimming maybe quite good to tone the legs up. But I am no expert.
I think a combination of cycling and swimming maybe quite good to tone the legs up. But I am no expert.

Cycling gives you a big bum though :smile: Beware... Not if you don't do too much though, just do enough to tone it... :cool:
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Its just a case of carrying on losing fat, eventually it will go. Forget about stomach crunches and all that rubbish for now, its all about calories in less than calories out.
well last time i went cycling i passed out, so i'm no trying that again soon, i was more thinkning of something i can do at home?
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You said you got rid of your love handles (lol) what sort of exercise is best for that?