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Right.. I've heard back from 4 unis (Sussex, Reading, Kings College, and Royal Holloway) and am waiting anxiously for my last 2, goldsmiths and queen mary, particularly QM because I really want Kings as 1st choice and QM as insurance..

They (qm)sent me a letter, dated 26th november, saying they will make a decision soon. I'm kind of worried they are going to reject me as it's been so long, but if they are I'd rather just know already! I know others here have already got offers for my course at QM so do you think it'd be bad for me to call up and enquire "about the progress of my application"?? I don't want to pester or anything!!

Has anyone applied after me and heard already? My ucas was processed on the 24th PS must have been alright to get into the other 4 unis, which all generally fall higher up the league tables!!
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