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Im really doing AVCE ICT UNIT 5 (SYSTEMS ALALYSIS) at college and am really stuck on Data Required for OutPut Spec, Methods of Data Output, Screen report Layouts, Printed report layout, Details of Resource Implications. If anyone could help i'd be really grateful as ive no idea.
If you have any notes that could help me please could you send them to
My email address which is [email protected]

Thanks Craig
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Data Required for output = what data do you need to create each of the outputs: perhaps details of the queries you need to invoke on the data. For example if you had a video shop you have a query to find all 18 cert videos so the data required may look like this:

Video Title
Video Genre
Certificate = 18

From video table

Methods of data output are the different ways data can be displayed from a system. It could be in printed form or on screen, text based or graphic - you need to decide which is appropriate for each of the required outputs for a system.

Screen report Layouts, Printed report layout are indications of how you think the outputs from the system should look. People seem to use Access for these - this is not necessary as you dont have to physically make them. You could make them in paint important thing is that they are fully annotated so the examiner knows how you are thinking. Include justifications for your layout in your notes.

Details of Resource Implications, could mention what the effects on computer hardware may be - e.g. to get a colour report you need a colour printer, to display fast moving animated graphics you may need a better GFX card for you specified outputs.

Hope this helps

Mr J
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