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GCSE Grade A in subject I want to study

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I thought most colleges demanded a A* to do further maths A Level! What subject are you doing now?

As it happened i started further maths in January of year 12 and caught up the module i missed in year 13 when i had free timetable space. So the teachers know me and though i was able to do further maths from what i had shown in my lessons.
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Wowww... So I really have a chance!!! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: (resitting Physics and doing AS Further Maths while at first year in university in Madrid :biggrin:) I got similar IGCSE grades... 4As, 2Bs and 3Cs... WHAT DID YOU DO AT THE INTERVIEW?!?!?! Please tell us!!! What questions? What did you answer? What did you apply to? DId you apply through any special scheme? Did you go to a state college? :smile: Thank you for the information! :biggrin:

This is a bit long and i think i might of went off point for most of it lol!

I am a maths student! I went to a state school in anfield, which is being pulled down after christmas cos of appaling results, in my maths class people where hoping for C's in year 11. I lrft school with what i considered then an impressive set of GCSE's A*AABBBCCDE

I went to a furthur education college where i started my alevels, in first year i did well geting four A's at as level.

After i got my grades i looked at them and thought now what do i need to get into liverpool uni, i never thought in a million years of applying to oxford.

Then a couple of week later i got a letter in the post from college saying oxford have invited 8 students from my 28,000 student strong college, and that they have selected me as one of the 8.

I went to oxford and stayed the night, there was an international game on tv that night so we all went the pub! I had a good time and went home as sick as a parrot! But i now had set my sights onto getting into oxford.

I applied for liverpool * 2, manchester * 2, leeds, and oxford

I applied for St Johns as thats where i stayed for my visit, i got an interview. My interview went terrible, i forgot the name of an isosiles triangle.

I found the test quite easy, as i have learnt maths not the abbility to pass tests like some people at interview seemed to have learnt!

For my new college interview we did a little bit of curve sketching. Couple of days later i got an acceptance letter of New College and a letter of st johns saying i succfully had a place at oxford however not there!

I however never got my AAA, i got ABC so i was preety depressed. However having as my second choice uni liverpool i decided that i would improve my grades and reapply for better uni's.

This time i appleid for Oxford, Warwick, Nottingham, St Andrews, Durham and Liverpool (As a last resort). I wasnt gonna apply for oxford cos i thought i was extremely lucky to get place first time there is no way im getting in this time, even my maths teacher said i was wasting my time cos they wont accept me cos its not the same getting the grades in three years as it is in two!

This time i applied to new college, got offered an interview which my teacher was supprised by. Went down and again had interviews and sat the test. This time test was a little harder, and i had three interviews at new!

I now thought there was no chance of me getting in cos i somebody will notice im not upto there standards! I went to my interviews talked had three ok interviews

1st Interview Main question: "if there are 50 people at a party and people shake each others hand, but no two people shake hands more then once is it possible that everyone shakes hands a different amount of times!"

2nd Interview was a bit weird, was with a computing tutor and he tested logic, questions like "if you press a cube into clay by one of its vertices what impression will it make?"

3rd Interview: Bit of analysis, then he asked me two strange questions "How many maternity beds in uk and circumferance of the earth"

Went home expecting not to be accepted then couple of days got my letter, felt sick until i opened it and found i was accepted condiction AAAa, went in to see my maths teacher and he was amazed!

This time i was determined to get the grades, or so i was for the first week!
I ended up with AABc! I was sick when i got these cos id now wasted a second change of getting in! I emailed oxford and got a reply saying i was accepted uncondictionally

So now im off to uni!

Now i will tell you about a friend i met in first interview

He had much better grades A*'s in everythink his mum was like a editor for the times! He was rejected at first interview and was really upset. He got in his alevels AAAA in four accedemic subjects. So he too decided to reapply.
This time he went through oxbridge applications and was coached on interview techniques and helped with his PS and was told what to wear to make the right impression! He had his interviews this time at Pembroke and his second chooce was new college! So we had again both had interviews at the same college and although he had gained much better he again got rejected!

So dont think you have no chance getting in when everyone else have got like all A*'s cos i got in!
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wowww what a story!!! congratulations!!! This really cheers me up!!! They actually LOVED you I think! :wink: If I dont get into Oxford I wont be upset, but I want to try and do my best! :biggrin:
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Like the others have said I wouldn't panic too much
Your GCSE grades are only one factor out of many and - unless you're a medic - quite a small factor at that