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Would you leave milk out?
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No, but i'm well thirsty and its been in my room for a week, but it don't sey anywhere on it does, and like yea cool u surer?
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Its milk shake, it needs to kept in the fridge after opening for 3 days then it must be thrown out. Don't drink it, it will make you ill, its probably mouldy by now.
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Ah ****, i'm drinking it now... i tastes a bit wierd but i'm not reallt in the right state of mind to tell.
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Yea i'm gunna stop now, feel a bitsick =|\\

Now i need to go to the kitchen n pour it away =====|
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Enjoy your squiffy tummy tomorrow then :smile:
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If you can get to a kitchen to get rid of it, why didn't you just go get a glass of water?
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I feel sick just thinking about it :frown: The same applies to fruit juice that goes off quickly if not left in a fridge.
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Cudn't be arsed to go to the kitchen, well knackered, if i get up again i'll wanna find a party to go to/.
Why? You'll only spend it on the toilet :tongue:
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Nah, i'm sure i've had worse over the last few days, i decided to finish it in the end anyway.

Need to find my headband now =|
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You don't need to keep Yazoo in the fridge if it's not opened. Only when it is opened is it neccessary to refridgerate, and use within a couple of days.
I love yazoo, do they still make the thick one?
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clear your inbox mikey :mad:!

....i was gonna send you something :frown: