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Mr Eddington also revealed how a nervous passenger sparked a false alarm at Heathrow after overhearing what was thought to be a hijack plan discussed.

False alarm

He said the alert in October came after the flight's captain told Air Traffic Control a passenger had heard a man on board say to another : "Is this the right time?"

His companion replied: "We've been planning this for six months, let's do it."

The first said "Sure?" and the second said: "Let's do it now."

Mr Eddington said: "A nervous flyer sitting behind the men overheard them, became alarmed, alerted the crew and the incident escalated".

Two Tornado fighter jets were scrambled to Heathrow airport amid fears the incoming service from Baltimore faced a hijack attempt.

But it was a false alarm -the father and son were discussing a family reunion with a long lost aunt.

Hah! Hilarious.
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That IS hilarious, everyone in their unspeakable ignorance, only it's only everyone elses that one notices.

You'd think if they had been planning a hijacking for six-months that they wouldn't be stupid enough to talk about it once aboard the actual plane, it should have been obvious that they were discussing something else in the first place. Too many evesdroppers in the world.
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