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Report 16 years ago
I went to visit Newnham today - was given a tour of the college by a 2nd year Geographer and then had a chat with the Geography Director of Studies. The college itself it beautiful, and the atmosphere felt friendly, although maybe a little quiet. Actually Cambridge teh town seemed quite quiet - I thought it would be very different during term time but clearly not. The person who showed me round was lovely and very normal, the facilities seemed very good and the gardens are huge! Also the 'average size' 2nd year room I was shown was about 3 times the size of my cupboard at home

According to the DoS there were 50 applicants for 5 places at my original college... no wonder my second interviewer was bored!

I'm still not sure whether I'll take the offer as I liked Newnham but didn't love it, even on a beautful sunny day. I'll probably wait until I've been to the Durham open day before deciding. Any one else still unsure?
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