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I was set a question - "How far had Lenin achieved his aims by the time of his death in 1924",

and basically i want to talk about his successes and failures in relation to his aims.

thing is im pretty sure of all his successes (eg winning the civil war) and failures (eg having to abandon marxist principles in order to save the russian economy)

i just am not too sure of his aims which *should* be the main points of the question in relation to his successes and failures. =/

so help please? beyond wanting to establish a revolution/communist state, what were his main aims?

thanks so much.
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If I was doing this essay I would do it in a different format. As it is asking 'HOW FAR did he achieve his aims' I would start with the introduction of what were his aims such as in the short term (ending the war) and long term (economy).

From there I would anaylise just how he did them and were the aims achieved? Such as for the ending of the war, which he knew he had to do as it had helped bring down both the Tsar and the Provisional Government. Even with the massive loss of land which was regretable it still acheived his aim of carrying out a promise he had made and so made himself more legit.

You should mention the changes in the economy and how they fit in with the ideology of the Bolsheviks/Communists. Whilst in this it could be argued that NEP was reverting back to capitalism and so was anti-bolshevik, Lenin (Bukarin and others on the right of the party) realised it had to be done in order to preserve the Bolsheviks in power as Russia wasn't ready yet for a truely communist economy.

He had the aim of perserving power which he did with the management and via the Civil War as you've mentioned.

With the conclusion you should evaluate all the information up and say in your opinion just how far he was in acheiving his plans. This could even be split up. Personally I'd say on an ideological level he was hadn't achieved all of his plans but had made a start and would have to be patience and wait for the ideology to fit in with the circumstances. However in his plan for the consolidation of power he achieved brilliantly to an extent, he had centralised control of the main prodution areas of Russia, (remember during this time not all of Russia was controlled and you had states declaring themselves within Russia) and firmly held against opposition, establishing after the victory in the civil a wider spread of power.

So looking back, you can include your weaknesses and strengths but don't do the essay
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Lenin had 4 main aims: Overthrowing the Tsarist government - Success he overthrew the PG in Oct 1917 and established Bolshevik control (through coup d'etat, his ideal vanguard party: rev from above) Establishing Bolshevik Control - winning the Civil War, Centralisation e.g Red Terror, 1920 ban on other parties standing for Soviet elections, Sovnarkom maturing into politburo 1919, Elimination of opposition e.g 5000 Mensheviks arrested and 13 SR's executed by Show trial Progressing towards true Socialism: Marxist Communism- some success in pursuing War Communism e.g nationalization of Railways, industry, church land, and banks (ban on private trade and ownership) yet concession of NEP in 1921 means overall failure in achieving this aim as the NEP conceded to private ownership and private trade e.g NEPmen taking up 75% of trade and 25,000 private traders in Moscow Worldwide socialist revolution- Lenin fails to spark a worldwide revolution, the initial aim of expecting Germany to burst into Rev after WW1 collapsed and invasion of Poland in 1920 repelled - no significant spark in Communism globally Furthermore, the image of Communism tainted forced into receiving £10m of aid from America (during War Communism) and overall economic status as weak 1 in 5 starving in 1918. Overall success in achieving Lenin's domestic aims of Bolshevik control and consolidating power yet international aims of worldwide socialist rev and progression towards Marxist Communism relatively unsuccessful.

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