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re shape? hmmm they want ud to re..shape it? got it!
give it a little shake and make sure it isnt all crinkled up when its drying
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That's it? Wow. Thanks.
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maybe stick it on a hanger as well! could help?! ...actually don't listen to anything I say when it comes down to washing!
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some expensive shirts of mine say that too. i generally wash them, them stick them on a hanger overnight so they mostly dry off, then possibly stick them in the tumble dryer in the morning and iron them after that.
:biggrin: :biggrin: :bandit: don't hang then to dry, pegs will leave marks. try to dry flat. often, though, washing instructions are over-cautious, e.g. most things that say dry clean only can be washed (gently) at home! saving money!
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It depends on the material. Most things should be stuck on a hanger, but if it's something that might stretch while it's wet (like chenille, thin woollens, etc) then you should lie it on a flat surface to dry. It will take longer than normal, but it won't end up all weird.
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it depends what the item of clothing is. Like my jumpers all say that (they nearly all also happen to be handwash), so that means you have to try and dry them flat if possible (hang them over a radiator or over the bath or something will normally do... just no on a washing line). With shirts, hang them on a clothes hanger to dry. Basically - don't go and put them in a tumble dryer and don't just hang them up on the line anyhow... try to make sure there are as little creases in them as possible.