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"I'm terminating this test in the interest of public safety"

y does the thread title have '"' at the beginning and end
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cos I originally wrote " to indicate the quotation but changed it to '

it seems, however, that I wasn't fast enough to catch you (the fastest caviller in the west?) out
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Aww that must make you feel pretty bad :hugs: BUT don't worry, look on the bright side, you've felt your worst now so next time it'll be better! I just realised that sounds bad, but it's not meant to! I know a few people who have actually had their test stopped like that, and it wasn't cos they were bad drivers! They were so nervous they were making stupid mistakes, which could have been dangerous, and all but one have they've passed their test since (the other one is still going!) So really what I'm saying is, don't give up! You've had a bad test, the next one will be better, so learn from this one and carry one! Just visualise your favourite type of care on the driveway of your house and it'll keep to going! You will be a driver one day! :hugs:
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Ouch, I failed a few tests in my day, but no... never as bad as that. Keep trying though, and remember to drive safely!
Being used to the fast accleration on a bike, when i get into the car its a bad idea
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Blimey what did you do? Drive on the wrong side of the road at 60mph in a 30 zone?
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yeh i know normally people say don't give up and book a new test, but that is quite a bad result
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Dangerous fault one (3 minutes in): Started moving slowly into oncoming traffic (eg. old lady on bike) when turning right at funny junction. He put on the brakes.

Dangerous fault two (4 minutes in): Tried to turn left on junction when it wasn't safe. He put on the brakes, we stalled and I didn't even realise. He didn't bother to mark this fault as it was in the same box as the last one ('observation at junctions').

Dangerous fault three (5 minutes in): At this point I was kind of spaced out as I knew I'd failed ... badly. He told me to go straight across the roundabout but I went left by accident. Then I tried to correct the mistake by swerving right over some hazard lines. Whoops. (No, I wasn't on drugs. Mustabin nerves tho I didn't feel that nervous.)

After that he told me to stop at the side of the road. Needless to say, I missed the stopping place. I was a bit frazzled.

PS I also got *counts* 8 minors in that short time.

Still think that quote's a gem. At least I have a story to tell.
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I'd just give up, clearly driving isn't for you.
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Never mind. If this is your first ever test, then don't worry too much. On my 'mock' test I got loads of minors, 3 majors and 2 serious. On my first real test a few weeks ago, I failed because I got a minor too many in one box, and that became a major (forgot to check the blindspot!). The point is that it was so much better than my mock test, and only two weeks later. Loads of people get nervous and make silly mistakes - don't worry about it.
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I'd just give up, clearly driving isn't for you.

No! Never give up!
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Everyone can drive, unlike singing which needs talent. Driving doesnt need talent
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* gemchicken
No! Never give up!

hahahaha, that was bloody hilarious, I'm almost in tears here.
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Everyone can drive, unlike singing which needs talent. Driving doesnt need talent

Isn't that like saying anybody can become a doctor?
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hahahaha, that was bloody hilarious, I'm almost in tears here.

Well I'm pleased to have entertained you...but I don't see what's so funny!
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If I can pass honestly anyone can pass I wasa terrible learner, learn from your mistakes and move on. I'd book a few more lessons before you have another test though
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No! Never give up!
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If you're being serious, either you've booked your test too early or you're instructor, irresponsibly has said you're ready (I doubt that is the case, as it's in his interest to keep you for as long as possible).

I'd get another 50 lessons under your belt if you're really that bad.