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Hiatt Bakerions: Storing stuff

Hey HBions;

Does anyone know if there is some kind of storage room where we could keep empty suitcases until we need to go home at term times?

Thanks :smile:
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Under your bed?
Inside University of Bristol
University of Bristol
Reply 2
Yeah, we have a 38wk lease, dude. Your suitcase goes under the bed.
Reply 3
Yeah I know that, but I mean I gotta take stuff back with me... to Leeds, so I need more than a small suitcase really
Reply 4
Aha. Hmm. How about cardboard boxes that you can flatpack and leave under the bed, plus a roll of masking tape?
Reply 5
i'm using a suitcase for clothes and cardboard boxes for eveything else. WHich can be flatpacked, back of the cupboard or something.
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we can keep the stuff in our rooms or do we haf to shift everything out during the long summer hols?
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gotta take it home i believe, plus most of us wnt be going back to halls, gotta get private accom for the 2nd year!! although i see you're from malaysia, so i guess you might stay in halls, or at least thy may provide storage for you...!
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Flatpack things make sense, but it's all guess work trying to figure out how much room there's going to be for everything.
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lolz.. i m moving out actually, so... yea... good idea, mayb shift out wif xmas poop lolz. gonna poop him!!
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don't know about your blocks but in D we have a Box room, for boxes?

I'm not sure but a returner has stuff in there so i'm thinking there is a place for storing things.