MT262 pdf Course literature of a PDA.

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Jason Day
Report 18 years ago
Hello World I thinking about buying a PDA ( hp jornada 548 or palm m500)
to help my organise my life/work/studies. I know either model can view
pdf file and I would like to know what sort of results people might be
getting with the downloadable pdf version. I realise that its never
going to be as good as reading from the original documents but if they
are readable through a pda it would help me greatly on the bus, under
the desk at work etc


Dave Oakey
Report 18 years ago

have tried pdf viewers for my Palm IIIc and HP Jornada 568 pocket pc.
The free palm version comes with a nice converter that 'tags' standard
pdf documents so that they fit the palm screen properly and you only
have to scroll down. the last time I looked (approx 2 months ago) the
pocket pc version would only display pdf documents this way if they were
already 'tagged' ie created with adobe acrobat 5, which I suspect won't
be many on pre-existing academic sites. Its irritating to have to scroll
sideways to read large docs imo.

For what its worth, as a long term user of palms, and having recently
bought the Jornada, I must say I vastly prefer the palm over pocket pc
for its simplicity, battery life and large variety of available
programmes that are cheap or free. The palm worked well for me in
organising my life studying with OU last year (T171, THD204)

Regards Dave O

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