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Student nights - clubbing in london

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Dj Nastie
haha its not all like that! b'ham is buzzin' for D&B! quality!

Back to London here please.
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Where is Borderline? you know Charing Cross Road? Just before you get up to the Junction where Oxford Street, Tottenham Court Road is....there is a bookshop and the small road next to it there is double gates and an entrance, it's in there.
My directions are quite crap...but it's a cool place.
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And if you want a posh night out, try this website there is always....
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Anyone been to the works in Kingston?
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Anyone been to the works in Kingston?

yep, its ****!
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lol dj nastie u cool person!!!
bet u got all the drum and bass arena cds aswell hahahahaha
bo selecta
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Works & Oceana, NO
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Anyone been to the rainforest cafe on a thursday, i was told its student nights on Thursdays, so can anyone give me any info??
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what's wrong with The Works in Kingston? i went there last night and thought it was okay, apart from the bartenders downstairs blatently slacking off.
Everything in Kingston is a bit... rubbish.
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Everything in Kingston is a bit... rubbish.

There we go.
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WORKS AND OCEANA YES! I cant believe people are actually saying there crap. personally i find both amazing. oceana being better of course, but both have lots to offer.
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...both have lots to offer.

...If you don't have anywhere else in the nearest 20 miles to go.
we used to go to hombres on mondays, trap (any1 remember when it was called propaganda>?!) on tuesdays or the gardening club on tuesdays, cheapskates/walkabout on wednesdays. i think click has a student night on wednesdays too.....the mayfair club used to have a student night too i think but i can't remember when.
my advice is probably out of date though....